De Gear’s mistakes have proven costly, as Manchester United’s title challenge will be hit harder than Sheffield United’s bottom. – Soccer Sports

It’s an old truth that unreliable goalkeepers can’t win league titles, and David De Gea has created further evidence of that brutal reality: Manchester UnitedPremier League ambitions 2-1 defeat Against the bottom club Sheffield United..

The mistake of a man is not just due to defeat. If a team fails to measure, other factors are always involved, but United is creativity, cutting edge, and defensive against a team that scored only 10 goals in 19 league games before traveling to Old Trafford. Lacking solidity, their goalkeeper was the reason they were eventually caught in a hole they couldn’t climb.

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When Manchester city The game, which defeated West Brom 5-0 at the Hawthorne on Tuesday to take the lead, should have been a great opportunity for United to regain pole position by winning away from the worst team in the division. is. Given that Derby County has fallen below the record low of 11 points since the Premier League season set in 2007-08, it’s not easy to hand over enviable claims to Blade. ..

However, despite their nightmare season, Sheffield United was able to claim their first victory at Old Trafford since December 1973, thanks to the failure of the home team to overcome. The mistake made by the goalkeeper.

“We had all the ownership, but admitting two bad goals would always be difficult,” said United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

De Gea was once charged as the best keeper in the world, Spain No. 1 has not been able to reproduce its best appearance since it endured the mistakes of the 2018 World Cup. Since then, the 30-year-old has had to answer questions about performance.

Solsqueger’s decision to maintain Dean Henderson At Old Trafford, the 23-year-old keeper rejected another loan spell after two seasons of success at Sheffield United put pressure on De Gea and spurred the game this season. From time to time he did that, but his shortcomings remain, and they were exposed to bad nights for the first time since 2013 for a team with a desire for a real title.

The first goal in the 23rd minute was De Gea.Replays show that he was out of balance by a back protrusion by Sheffield United’s forward Billy sharp Before Keane Brian De Gia, who headed, but did not make a more definitive attempt to deal with the corner, was vulnerable to what followed. “The goal was a foul-Sharp came across De Gea,” said the moody Solskger.

De Gea’s lack of confidence when dealing with set pieces in crowded penalty areas has been a long-standing problem and has cost United many times this season, allowing visitors to take full advantage of this weakness.

Goalkeeper disappoints United again in the second half Harry MaguireThe 64-minute head equalizer was supposed to build a homewin platform.On this occasion, a weak and unconvincing clearance attempt fell straight to an opponent in the penalty area before being fired instead. Oliver Burke, Its deflection strike off Axel Tuanzebe He led the blade 2-1 and finally secured a shocking victory.

“The second goal we acknowledge is very poor and sloppy,” said Solskger. “It’s easy. We stopped playing the ball. It was three or four bad decisions, but this is out of the question.”

Between the two mistakes of De Gear, United struggled to test the team that started the day with a -22 goal difference. The choice of Solsjkaer played a major role in that.United manager chose to leave Edinson Cavani Start on the bench Anthony Martial As a center forward, he repeatedly shows that despite being the best performing Frenchman on the left, he is not well equipped to play that role.

United also couldn’t find a way through the defense of the five who scored 33 goals in 20 games. When the team sits deep against United, they always cause problems for the Solskger team, as it is the best aspect when fighting back. Simply put, Plan A couldn’t work for United, so there was no compelling Plan B and the bottom team kept them away.

However, despite the combination of issues that led to United’s defeat, it was De Gea’s mistake that gave them the mountain to climb, demonstrating why it is so important for the title challenger to have a credible goalkeeper. I did. The details are important, and the game proved that these two misjudgments were crucial.

Looking back at the history of Premier League champions, few or no goalkeepers have disappointed the team over and over again.

De Gear was once classified as United’s bracket, but is no longer the case.

– Soccer Sports

De Gear’s mistakes have proven costly, as Manchester United’s title challenge will be hit harder than Sheffield United’s bottom. De Gear’s mistakes have proven costly, as Manchester United’s title challenge will be hit harder than Sheffield United’s bottom.

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