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A fictional crime film set in the F1 world will be screened on Netflix, featuring Hollywood legend Robert De Niro and Star Wars actor John Boyega.

be called formulaThis movie is about an American F1 driver who was caught up in the Mafia and forced to act as an escape driver to save his family.

Gerard McMurray will be the scriptwriter, director and producer. Burning sand, Netflix Productions nominated for the Grand Julie Award at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, and 2018 First purge..

His recently-established Buppie Productions company states that it “develops and produces interesting stories featuring black characters for mainstream movie and television viewers.”

“Our company is constantly reforming itself, showing the way to influence popular culture.

“We are heroes and villains, good guys, bad guys, femme fatale, and the girl next door.”

Other producers include Deniro and his close companion Berry Welsh, who were behind Martin Scorsese’s acclaimed Netflix movie. Irishman -And Jane Rosenthal, included in that long list of credits Bohemian Rhapsody, About boys, Shake the dog And Denny Lo Comedy Meet my parents And its sequel.

The formula is part of a wide range of deals with Netflix by Wales and Rosenthal.

Little details have been released so far, but McMurray gave an overview of the plot in an Instagram post on Monday.

“It’s amazing to see this idea finally come true in my mind and I’m writing, directing, and producing,” he writes.

“My new production company, Buppie Productions, has partnered with Tribeca Films and Netflix to bring you the upcoming Dope original film. formula Two of my favorite actors, John Boyega and Robert De Niro, are starring.

“It’s the story of a young Detroit man who, under the guidance of his mentor with an old mob bond, becomes an international racing star in the F1 world.”

Boyega gained fame Awakening of Star Wars Force In 2015, he replayed his role as Finn The Last Jedi And The rise of Skywalker..

The film will be the first Hollywood film ever since to be based on modern Grand Prix racing. Bobby DerfieldIncludes footage shot during the 1976 season, starring Al Pacino.

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De Niro and Boyega appear in Netflix F1 movie “Formula” | F1 News De Niro and Boyega appear in Netflix F1 movie “Formula” | F1 News

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