Dead By Daylight invites Boogeyman to his 6th birthday party

Dead By Daylight devs Behavior Interactive has confirmed that new killer, survivors, and maps will be introduced with the launch of the next chapter of the game, “Roots Of Dread,” on June 7. Announced as part of today’s 6th Anniversary Stream, the developers say they created a new killer, The Dredge, inspired by Boogeyman’s infamous urban legend. See the actual operation in the trailer below.

Dredge uses two new abilities to hunt down survivors. Teleports called “gloming” between lockers that are normally safe on the map, and enveloping darkness called “nightfalls”. Dredge is looking for a brand new survivor, Haddie Kaur, who has already appeared in multiple installments in Dead By Daylight’s archive mode. As a reminder, she is a psychic born in India but raised in Canada and runs a web series that explores supernatural mysteries called the “Harvinger of Hell”. ..

Also, with the start of Chapter 24 on June 7, a new map called “Garden Of Joy” will be introduced. The developers claim that this is a “domestic horror” environment. A typical American house looks nice, but when you enter it, it’s twisted. Created from memories of different characters, developers say other stories and buildings on the map will pop up in the future.Speaking of spooky houses, Ogawa is another Resident Evil Tie-in The code name “Project W” will also appear. Look at you there, Wesker.

Behavior Interactive has confirmed that Dead By Daylight’s romance simulator will be available exclusively on Steam in the summer. Hooked On You: Dead By Daylight Dating Sim It is a visual novel from Colonel Sanders, I love you! devsPsyop. It will star the four murderers, trapper, huntless, wraith, and spirit of the main game. Mathieu Côté, game director of Dead By Daylight, states that each killer “brings a very different aspect of personality” to a romance simulation. ..

Earlier today, it was also revealed that Behavior Interactive acquired Midwinter Entertainment. This is the developer behind the team-based battle royale. Scavenger – Not likely from the previous owner. Behavior and Midwinter confirmed sale to EurogamerWhile the small team is currently maintaining Sinking In game operations, the rest of the studio was moved to a new project. It is not yet known what the future of the scavenger will be.

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