Dead by Daylight’s new Portrait of a Murder Chapter arrives

Died in daylight Keeping things pretty fresh since the first release, previous chapters and extended hosts have successfully built the base game. Today, the latest chapter has arrived – a portrait of the murder.

Available today on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. We will also drop it on the Epic Games Store when the release arrives on December 2nd. Portraitofa Murder is 22nd (Yes, in the 22nd chapter of the famous horror game, we introduce our fans to new original killer, survivors and maps.

The latest DLC, a visually striking chapter that captures horror through surreal and nightmarish lenses, is a new killer – Karmina Mora, also known as an artist – a talented Chilean artist, by the airy killing of a crow. I saved my life. A brilliant Mexican-American CIA code breaker.

Players can also discover a new map, Forsaken Boneyard. This is an abandoned Chilean cemetery inspired by the fascinating world of Surrealist artwork.

And in addition to the long-awaited original chapter, the Everlasting Frost Collection is here. This is a pack of new outfits that will help the game’s cold-blooded killer gather for the glacier winter.

Artist information:

As players know, crows have long been a staple in the realm of entities. The artist brings his own murder to the fog, both in the story and in the gameplay. With her killer power, Birds of Torment, you can summon Dire Crows and unleash them with devastating attacks, bringing new dynamic gameplay possibilities to the action-packed world of Dead by Daylight. Players charging the Birds of Torment will send crows to the flight path that looks like a killer, targeting survivors and dealing short-term damage. After continuing beyond the established flight path, Dire Crows flock the survivors and reveal their aura until the flock is repelled. Swarm survivors attacked by a second bird will be damaged.

“Birds have felt so powerful horror and charm throughout the history of horror that the artist is our love letter to this genre. Dead by Daylight’s creative director Dave Richard is a portrait of the murderer. Is very effective in spurring the minds of survivors, causing the pain of being a prey to swarms of crows, and the strangest we’ve ever created to add density to this anxiety. Tell your fans a nightmare map. You couldn’t expect a more perfect mix for your players. “

Everlasting Frost Collection Information:

As winter approaches, the frost that bites from the lost realm cools beyond the point of simple pain. These sharp winds announce the arrival of a new glacier collection: the Eternal Frost Collection, the Artist, the Spirit, and three very rare outfits for Ghostface®. A very unusual outfit for winter dreams for artists consists of a frostbite mask, a frostbite gown, and a snow-kissed blade. Wearing this outfit, the artist wears a stinging ice thorny mask, her flesh is pierced by a sharp block of ice, and her blade is covered with a thin film of ice. It will be like. A very rare outfit of Crystal Aparition for Spirit, it features white, frozen, messy hair, torn and exposed flesh, and a blade covered with sharp ice blocks. Finally, GhostFace®’s Icebound Phantom Very Rare Outfit is a razor-like sharp ice block piercing the face of death, a dark death cover torn by numerous pieces of ice, and a tactic trapped in a thick object. Characterized by a sharp icy spike. Each very rare outfit is now available in the in-game store with 1,080 Alliq cells.

From the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, you can find the Dead by Daylight Portrait of a Murderavailab for about $ 6.99. It is also installed on Steam, Stadia, Switch, PS4 and PS5. See if it’s going to be the Epic Games Store soon.

The base game is over Xbox store that too.

Dead by Daylight’s new Portrait of a Murder Chapter arrives

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