Dead Cells Acquires Fatal Falls DLC Early Next Year – $ 5 for “Significant Amount of New Content”

As promised, Dead Cells are “still alive.” The developers have revealed the next major DLC for the game titled Fatal Falls, with two new biomes, new bosses, and lots of additional content. More free updates are coming, and developer Motion Twin is starting to tease its mysterious next project.

Fatal Falls will be available in early 2021 at the same price as previous DLC packs ($ 4.99 / £ 4.49 / € 4.99). Featuring two new outdoor biomes called Fractchard Shrine and the Immortal Coast, it acts as a parallel road to the stilt village and clock tower area. In addition to new bosses, new weapons and enemies will be introduced.

The free Dead Cells update for December is still coming, featuring new weapons, new mobs, lore rooms, new skins, and new diet options. Further free updates are planned. FatalFalls aims to fund these free additions in addition to the following Motion Twin projects. The developers haven’t revealed anything about the new game yet, but they share concept art from several directions that hit dead ends.

Check out the quick teas in the new area in the video below.

Dead Cells is one of the best rogue lights in the last few years. So if you’re filling up Hades and looking for more in this genre, now’s the perfect time to dive in.

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