Dead Cells Brings a Deadly Fall to Next Year’s Next DLC Expansion

When you run’n’dash’n’slash’em up roguelike Dead Cells, you will come across another paid DLC directly. Today, Motion Twin’s Dead Cells-centric subsidiary, Evil Empire, has released a Fatal Falls teaser. This is an extension that adds two new regions and all the bad guys that need to be filled when dropped early next year.

The teaser isn’t very visible, except for the healthy stretches by Dead Cells here and the misaligned balance. I think one of those poses might give him a medallion of sunlight.

In addition to praising the Sun, Fatal Fall adds two new biomes to Dead Cells. Fractured Shrines are a series of floating islands that fall at dawn, in contrast to the desolate wetlands of the immortal coast. They come with their own set of monsters, bosses and weapons (will be released at a later date) and run in parallel with the Stilt Village, Clock Tower and TimeKeeper stages.

Dead Cells keeps pace with free content. I’ve virtually forgotten that 10 months have passed since the last paid update, Bad Seed. Since then, we’ve done bestiary updates and explosive distillery tours, and this month we’re coming with our own free merchandise. A small update in late December will add new weapons, mobs, lore rooms, and skins.

We don’t yet know the full picture of what Fatal Falls brings, but we know it will cost £ 4.49 / $ 4.99. MotionTwin says it will help fund more free content, at least next year. The developers have also made a brief update to the unannounced new game. I’m not ready to spill the beans yet, but I have a nice selection of screenshots of the concept.

I already like the look of this.

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Dead Cells takes a Fatal Fall into another DLC expansion next year

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