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Eagles are reportedly wanting to trade tight end Zack Elts..The· Seahawks You may be interested, but you shouldn’t. I don’t think Eltz is a bad player, but Philadelphia was a better fit than Seattle. Seattle, for example, will not target Elts more than 106 times, as the Eagles did between 2015 and 2019.

It’s a lot of targets for tight end and a lot of hits to the body. This could be one of the reasons Eltz production fell in 2020. He had the worst year of his career in this past season.

In addition, Erz had a low career this year, with only 50 percent of his goals caught. His previous low was 63.2 percent of his rookie year. Erz had the fewest receiving yards in his career at 335. This was 134 yards less than any other season.

Eltz’s other career lows in 2020? Touchdown reception (1), catch that brought the first down (16), yard per target (4.7), etc. Elts also played just 11 games, 3 less than any other season.

Seahawks should not be exchanged for Zack Elts

understood. Players should not be judged by the latest season or the worst season. But in reality, the Seahawks need more than just the tight end.Indeed, Seattle Lost Greg Olsen Retired after the end of the season, Jacob Hollister isn’t a good blocker and can catch 40 passes during the season, so it’s just too expensive to keep. But Seattle opposes Eltz’s salary cap and spending cap space, and the $ 8.2 million he rents this year.

Singing Elts is a big mistake. When you pay Elts, you are deprived of more necessary positions such as left guards, cornerbacks, and defense lines. Seattle seems to be just kicking the tires about what it takes to get the Elts. More than that should lead to headaches during the twelve years.

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Dealing with Zack Elts should be no good Dealing with Zack Elts should be no good

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