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Deandre Ayton is making great strides for Phoenix Suns

Phoenix Suns Center Deandre Ayton Is a man after his time and, in contrast to today’s games, is a throwback center suitable for the rough falls of the 1990s. Fans often speculate on what would happen if Sands first adopted the all-star guard Luka Doncic or Trae Young in the 2018 NBA Draft instead of Eighton.

For this reason, Eighton is constantly scrutinized. Initially, his pick-and-roll defense was criticized for entering the league. Now his lack of scoring from pick and roll gets all the headlines.

Eighton has averaged 5 points less per game this season than he has averaged in his career so far. The decrease in his score does not mean that he has retreated in the third season, but it does clearly show his role in this. Season seeking a title..

That’s why the statistics don’t give the big picture.

Phoenix Suns: Why Deandre Ayton doesn’t care about low scores

Deandre Ayton’s average scoring drop of more than 3 points per game is not necessarily a bad sign for Sands. This means that Eighton is doing his job well, primarily with attacks setting up Chris Paul and Devin Booker’s ball screens.

Given that Aiton is a very strong finisher around the basket, the defense always collapses to him when he rolls on the rim. Paul and Booker are great shooters away from dribbling, so their guys must always have an attachment to them. The weak side corner 3 is always open for the sun, as all the help in the NBA comes from the weak side.

A good example: When Booker double-teamed with this possession, Aiton made a tremendous pass to Mikal Bridges when he caught the ball on the move. The bridge was open because Paul George, who defended him, slipped to prevent Aiton from hitting the house.

Acknowledge Eighton for taking what the defense is giving him. Bridges, in particular, has exponentially benefited from Eighton’s unselfish play, averaging 5 points more per game with a ferocious 3-point shoot rate (46.3 percent).

If the defender chooses to stay home on the weakside shooter, Eighton’s average score will increase significantly. Otherwise, he continues to give Bridge and other shooters an open look of attack.

After all, the attack isn’t a problem, but the Ayton-Bridges duo gives their opponents too much defensive look. Sounds scary, but Eighton’s footwork improvements can further improve Sands’ defenses and are already ranked number one in terms of points allowed per game.

Phoenix Suns: Assessing Deandre Ayton’s role in defense

Deandre Ayton’s role at Phoenix Suns is to protect the rim, control the glass and protect the opposite pick and roll. His total shot blocking and rebounds have been consistently good for Sands since he joined the league. But his pick-and-roll defense has always been a big issue for Sands fans.

Aiton made great strides in his third season as a ball screen dropman. However, when the opponent’s ball handler turns a corner of the screen, he still tends to step back.

For example, the Denver Nuggets could take advantage of Eighton’s tendency to step back to the open three pointer. See how long ago Eighton went to protect Nikola Jokić, the heart of Denver’s world, with this property. Jamal Murray knocked down a wide open three-pointer because both Eighton Bridge and Mical Bridge fell too far to recover in time.

Bridges is responsible for leaving Murray mysteriously open, but Eighton was in the pick-and-roll defense no man’s land while defending Jokić.

He has to slide to defend Jokić’s roll or jump out to counter Murray’s shot. In this play, he would have slipped into Jokić, yelling at the bridge, to stay attached to Murray, who tends to shoot the ball as soon as he pulls it back with his right hand.

In addition, his right foot was too close to the baseline, giving Murray a clear overtaking lane to where Jokić would go. Had Aiton moved one step further and brought his right foot closer to the three-point line, he would have been able to keep the overtaking lane while enclosing a potential drive into Murray’s basket.

In his honor, Eighton made this subtle adjustment to the Clippers. Notice that his back is directed to the weaker corner. This allowed Paul George to be slow enough to allow the bridge to recover in time to block the shot.

Keep in mind that it takes less than a second for Ayton to be in the right position. It’s very encouraging to see Aiton recognize his first mistake and fix it in the next game.

Eighton has done a great job playing his role so far. Paul and Booker continue to pick and roll the ball to Aiton. Eighton points per game increase as defense begins to stay on Micalbridge and Jae Crowder. These are most often placed in the weaker corners.

When it comes to defense, Eighton’s footwork and positioning need to continue to advance while defending pick and roll. An indicator of how much progress you have is his position when in drop coverage with pick and roll.

If Deandre Ayton can defend his pick and roll well, Suns will be able to maintain top-ranked defense.

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Deandre Ayton’s progress this year should be exciting Deandre Ayton’s progress this year should be exciting

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