Death Stranding: Director’s Cut Appears on PS5 as a Homage to Metal Gear

DEATH STRANDING: Director’s Cut-Solid Bridge (Photo: Kojima Productions)

The PS5 is getting an expanded version of Deathstrand with new content, as the trailer suggests Metal Gear Solid-esque gameplay.

Presenter Geoff Keighley and he are friends, so it was unlikely that Hideo Kojima wouldn’t attend the Summer Game Fest, but at first I was going to talk lyrically about how the pandemic changed his attitude towards game design. It seems. ..

He did it On 9/11, in terms of how it affected the world, and the message and philosophy behind his game, the fiction he drew in Deathstrand became a reality much faster than he expected. I said that it became.

He then announced Death Stranding: PlayStation 5’s director’s cut, but the typical Kojima practice didn’t really explain what it was.

The teaser trailer seems to suggest that you will be able to explore the interiors of various buildings and warehouses to which you are delivering. This is not explicitly stated, but it is certainly welcome.

All the clowns with the orange box were obvious references to Metal Gear Solid, but it’s not clear if this means that Director’s Cut will put more emphasis on stealth.

The trailer was mostly a parody of Kojima’s metaphor, with lead-paced cutscenes and tense humor, but nevertheless Death Stranding was a surprisingly entertaining experience.

According to Kaley, the game will appear on PlayStation 5 “soon” and will be fully released within a few weeks. This could be a careless reference to the possibility of a Sony event. E3 weeks.

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Death Stranding: Director’s Cut is PS5 exclusive – hints at Metal Gear style stealth

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