Deathloop Fear Pictogram | How to Complete Afternoon Delight and Get Fristad Rock Bunker Code

Artistic, armed and dangerous, Fear Not only one of Deathloop’s most powerful visionaries, but also her quest Afternoon joy, Can be one of the toughest ones.

The first purpose is: Find 4 pictograms It was scattered around her studio Fractured Image in Fristad Rock around noon.

Finding a particular photo in an art studio full of paintings and murals is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. A lot of fake needles are thrown as red herring.

Here’s how to defeat Fia, find pictograms, and create Fristad Rock bunker code.

Where to find Fia pictograms in Deathloop

Head to Fristad Rock at noon and look for Fia’s studio. Turn left at the Colt tunnel and when you come out, turn right under the sign.

This next open area has a junkyard full of eternalists and mines, but wants to move up the hill to the abandoned communications base and eventually to Fia’s studio. I would think.

After the communication base, there is a steep cliff with a broken image of Fear at the bottom.

There are two options here. Focus on finding pictograms and risk quitting quickly if you raise an alarm, or take Fia quietly to give you more freedom of governance.

The problem is that Fear’s studio is connected to the reactor. If you are found and alerted, she will trigger a nuclear reaction, destroying not only everyone nearby but also the island, ending your day on the spot.

You also need to be very careful not to see it in Fia at all. Her Havoc Slab greatly buffs her health and damage, making her the most dangerous visionary outside of Juliana.

To defeat Fia, head left from the entrance to Fractured Image, hack the camera, and then take the two eternalists out in the locker room.

Open the door on the other side of the room and explore the area. On the left side of the same floor as you, there are two more eternalists who can sneak out with a nail gun.

Follow the corridor on the left to the other side of the building. You can see the murals of Colt and Juliana on the wall of the stairs.

At this staircase, turn right, follow the corridor and hack the camera along the way.

Through the door on the far right is Fia’s bedroom, which is in the reactor room next to it.

Before she activates the slab, sneak into the room to bring her closer or burst to discard as much damage as possible.

Next, it’s time to find the emoji.

First pictogram-“Tends to be the main hall”

Finding pictogram clues can be a bit painful, and is dotted with lots of red herring.

To find them, I suggest clearing the rest of the eternalist studio, so you can get free rule without fear to blow you high in the sky.

Then, from the main hall where the reactor is located, follow the colorful lines to the loading area carved in the mountains.

The first pictogram is on the left wall.

Second pictogram-“Add color to tools and schemas”

Next, there is a camera-protected storage room on the left side of the aisle in front of you.

Inside the wall is one of the pictograms.

Third pictogram-“Lubricate the shaft”

This pictogram is on the elevator shaft next to the storage room.

Break the board on the other side of the door, then look inside, look up and turn left.

Fourth pictogram-“Under the Wheeled Beast”

The final pictogram is in the storage room and in the crawl space under the truck next to the elevator shaft.

When you go down the small stairs, you will see a picture on the underside of the vehicle.

The note contains four pictograms so you can return to the bunker next noon and use it in the console lock.

What is a Deathloop Bunker Cassette Door Cord?

Deathloops often randomize door codes and similar numbers between players and playthroughs, so actual numbers may vary.

The only way to order the cassettes is to try literally all the cassettes and then write down which one looks correct when compared to the symbols in the Visionary Read menu.

My order was 41, 35, 24, 11, but as I say it may be randomized.

Entering the appropriate cassette code gives you the freedom to explore potentially flooded bunkers in the control center at the top of the area.

If you die, don’t worry. It only works like a normal death, unlike when Fear explodes you in a nuclear reactor.

This will ensure that you are doing it in the afternoon of the final loop and will be able to work on new leads.

See the Deathloop Guide for Visionary Walkthroughs and SideQuest Solutions for some ideas on where to go next.

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