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Deathloop-A Defective Story? (Photo: Bethesda)

The reader provides a spoiler-free critique of Deathloop’s story and character, expressing his disappointment with the possibility of waste.

I have read the discussions surrounding Deathloop over the past few weeks with great interest, and A relatively negative review of GC compared to many 10/10 scores. I’m a Dishonored fan, so I created the game in Penciller, but the controversy over the game intrigued me enough and I still wanted to play the game and find out what I thought. Must be admitted.

I totally disagree with any of the reviews, but the 10/10 score seems pointless to me. This is obviously a flawed game and can easily be improved even at the technical level. It’s very easy and it’s too easy to be overwhelmed. Backtracking isn’t that much of a problem, but the lack of thought and planning needed was very disappointing, as everything is spelled out for you.

But what I really want to talk about today is a story, or an empty hole where a story should be. There is no spoiler here, partly because there is nothing to spoil. Once you learn about the initial setup, basically nothing happens. However, except that the revelations about Colt and Juliana have little effect on what is happening along the way.

I have not exaggerated here or deliberately omitted things to clarify my claim. Essentially nothing else happens. I think Arkane intended to learn more about visionary people as they progressed, which counts as storytelling, but it’s not. You can learn their backstory by listening to the proper audio logs, but they are all very comically evil, don’t feel like real humans, and have no real attempt to humanize. ..

Anyway, they aren’t very well written. For example, Harriet Morse is implied to be this strange cult leader, but hears her say nothing and gets clues about what she is doing and what she believes in. You can easily kill her without having to. None of the posters or graffiti around the town mention it, and that section of the island is full of weird fan-fair-style exhibits that seem to have nothing to do with her.

If you sit down and listen to her anger, it’s all very unimaginative and concise, as if the developers couldn’t mind chasing the metaphor they’re using. .. The same is true for others with mad scientist Egor. They hated everyone else for no apparent reason and came across a boring and kind of leader Alexis as a kind of pathetic and weak.

Juliana is great, it’s definitely thanks to her voice actor rather than the script. It brings me to my biggest frustration: the ending. And don’t worry, I’m not going to ruin anything yet. Because there is no end to actually ruining it.

Technically, that’s not true because there are two separate things, but the final short dialogue sequence not only explains nothing about what’s happening, but also completes the relationship between Colt and Juliana. Leave it unresolved and there is no difference between the middle and the end of the game. It’s like someone has elaborated all these complex ideas in the game and then forgot to create a real story that includes them.

The setting is not a story, the description of someone’s back story is not storytelling, and the character should be more than just a good voice acting. There’s basically no one thing that has made the game a satisfying experience, independent of next-generation technology and with all the other flaws. Deathloop had no story, and once I won the game, I felt like it had never really started, so I couldn’t believe it was over.

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Deathloop has a setting but it doesn’t have a story – Reader’s Feature

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