Deathloop Radio Silence Power Plant | How to Open HRZN and RAK Doors

You may have noticed mystery as if the Black Leaf did not hide enough secrets HRZN door With map RAK door At Updaam.

These mysterious portals are only begging to be opened, Death loop..

Similarly, you may have come across Updaam’s associated RAK door. Juliana doesn’t seem very happy with your discovery, so that’s why you keep digging.

Here’s how to complete Run Radio Silence Quest and open HRZN and RAK doors in Deathloop..

How to restart the generator and open the HRZN door

It’s very easy to miss a quest that makes all of this happen. In the complex, access the Loop Control Center you entered at the start of the game and look for the stairs next to the HRZN door outside the main office.

Here is a note that will help you access the power plant in the morning.

If you go back in the morning or go straight in at that time, you’ll notice that you’re in the generator room.

The console is not powered and you need to go downstairs and restart the generator.

Clearing the Eternalist area reveals two large generators with battery sockets and buttons on the front.

As you can imagine, a fully charged battery is required to power the generator and activate the console upstairs.

You can get the battery next to the chair on the metal stairs that came down to get to this first generator room.

Alternatively, return to the second floor from the main Loop Control Center office.

Or from the office in the upper corner of the second generator room on the other side of the building, through the door between the first two generators.

In the room between the two generator rooms there is a charging station to charge the battery that found more juice.

When the battery is plugged into the generator, it requires three power circles to operate. This means that one full battery works well.

Avoid all four generators, defeat the eternalist along the way, and then return to the power console above.

It powers the complex and passes through the HRZN door in the upper loop center.

Here you will learn that you need to search the Updaam archives, but the office is only accessible in the afternoon.

Inside, there are many folklore for digestion, along with a code to the RAK door near some confidential documents.

How do you open the RAK door in the Deathloop Upderm?

Go down the concrete stairs next to the archive and operate the sound lock on the RAK door to enter.

After a more talkative conversation, you pointed in a new direction. Collect three more passwords to unlock the second RAK door. It also gets the code used by the power plant console and sends power to different locations.

To do this, you need to return to the power plant on three separate mornings and reroute power to three different locations that span three separate loops.

Every morning, you need to power the generators of the underground power plant and use the console to send the newly produced juice to either Updaam, Karl’s Bay, or Fristad Rock.

At Updaam, the HRZN door is near the bridge to Charlie’s Condition Detachment, around the corner and between Otto’s fireworks store.

The notes you need to find are at the top of the building.

Second, Fristad Rock allows you to access the HRZN doors from within Fia’s studio, from Fractured ImAge if you feel spicy, or from the outside coastline.

Finally, in Carls Bay, the HRZN door is in the upper left corner of the map, hidden next to the sea. It’s the exact opposite of Hanger 2, who defeated Harriet in the morning.

Accessing all three will give you the password you need to access the second RAK door. This can be done in as many loops as you need, but the minimum is three.

Returning to the RAK door, there’s more explanation inside the bunker, and you’ll have a solution to completely end the ultimate prize, the loop.

All you have to do now is plan a route through all of Blackleaf’s visionaries in one day and return to RAK to set up the final showdown.

Check out the Deathloop Guide and walkthrough for instructions on how to complete the rest of the visionary quests.

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