Deathloop uses PS5 DualSense controller for gun jams, tactile feedback, etc.

Introducing Deathloop on PS5 and PC on May 21, 2021, Deathloop details how to use the new PlayStation DualSense controller to enhance specific mechanics and player immersiveness. On the PlayStation blog, Bethesda’s Senior Content Manager Anne Lewis explained how to use a controller to make the experience special.

Developed by Arkane (Dishonored), Deathloop uses a controller to make each weapon feel unique. Lewis describes how a silent nail gun, the PT-6 Spyker, can “feel each nail falling into a magazine” and resist the trigger when fired. Some weapons can also be prone to jamming. That is, you cannot click the trigger completely until it has been modified. “The trigger button is blocked prematurely and provides immediate feedback even before the animation notifies you,” Lewis writes.

With tactile feedback, you can also feel the difference in surface texture as you run, slide, and climb. When you make a big fall, it feels rugged in your hands.

Controller speakers are also used to simulate the sound of bullets passing in front of you and the voice from your personal radio. It also plays sounds from your weapon, such as clicking on an empty chamber.

Despite being sold to Microsoft, Bethesda still has two PS5-limited editions-this and Ghostwire: Tokyo. It’s not yet known if these will eventually become a timed monopoly to move to the Xbox Series X / S.

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