Deathloop’s DualSense feature allows you to feel it when your gun is jammed

Publisher Bethesda has advertised the additional benefits that DualSense controllers will offer in future Time Twist Shooters. Death loop..

In a new post on the PlayStation blog, senior content manager Anne Lewis tells us how unique how each weapon dedicated to the PlayStation 5 console fires, reloads, and even swings by hand while running, thanks to tactile feedback. I’m talking about whether there is. trigger. As an example, using the PT-6 Spyker (silent nail gun), you can feel each nail loaded in the chamber.

Plus, it’s time to get a low tier weapon. As a Colt, you start with low-grade, low-tier weapons that may tend to rust or interfere. When this happens, the trigger button is blocked prematurely, so you can feel it even before the animation starts, Lewis says. Not surprisingly, you can feel it when the character hits the gun to make it work again, and at the same time there is a correlated strike through the trigger.

And of course Death loop It is also set to take advantage of DualSense speakers. Juilianna is an assassin who relentlessly chases you. Death loopIt’s an adventure and can be controlled by other players. If you choose that way, you’ll curse you from a personal radio whose sound is delivered via a controller.

Death loop Will be available exclusively for the PlayStation 5 console and as a PC on May 21, 2021, and developer Arkane previously called it a significant difference from regular roguelike games.

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