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The rushing UFC 256 main event between Figueiled and Moreno turned out to be one of the biggest battles in UFC history.

The flyweight title match took place three weeks before the two men won the UFC 255, and the duo played a match at the top of the “Fight of the Year” list.

After a 25-minute whirlwind, Figueiredo, who lost points in the third round at Loebrow, held the belt with a majority draw, making a difference in the points deduction. The judges scored 47-46 and 47-47 points in Figueiredo.

In the opening round, Figueiredo, who won each of the last four games within seven minutes, stood in front of the challenger and shot his head and body, so he didn’t pay much respect to Moreno. However, Moreno remained calm and began landing his straight hand, revealing that he would not be bullied.

Moreno from Tijuana, who was aiming to become the first Mexican-born champion in UFC history, gained confidence and became more aggressive in the second round. Moreno’s takedown pair could make a difference, followed by another front and back stand-up round.

The wild and enthusiastic pace followed third. Figueiredo continued with body shots and kicks. Moreno began landing more often. Figueiredo then landed a crotch kick Bullseye. It was his second foul, and ref Jason Herzog deducted points after poking his second eye.

Round 4 was the wildest violent villain in sports history, with both Brazilians and Mexicans fighting in a proud spirit.

Fifth time, Moreno seemed to prefer some sort of left arm injury, which slowed him down. This allowed the tired Figueiredo to take a round and land enough to save the belt.

After the match, Figueiredo revealed that he had been hospitalized for food poisoning until 2 am on Saturday. He also did not criticize Herzog’s decision to deduct points.

“Ref did his job,” he said through an interpreter. “I throw a low kick in an accident, and it’s not my job to say what he should do.”

As a result of the draw, both competitors ran the current undefeated streak to 6: Figueiredo 5-0-1 and Moreno 4-0-2.

Both fighters have shown interest in subsequent rematches, which are expected to happen in 2021.

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December 2020 MMA Junkie’s “Battle of the Month”: Figueiredo-Moreno December 2020 MMA Junkie’s “Battle of the Month”: Figueiredo-Moreno

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