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The pace of this year’s ridiculous Dutch fight has been rewarded in the form of UFC history and the greatest victory ever against Souza.

The Netherlands has become the third fighter in UFC history, reaching 5-0 in the calendar year. He defeated the perennial candidate “Jakea” in the first round knockout, thanks to a wild strike from below to set the finish.

Only two other calendar years have marked 5-0 in the history of the modern UFC. Neil Magny did that in 2014 and took 266 days to achieve the feat. The execution of Roger Huerta in 2007 took 308 days. The Netherlands blew both out of the water and won all the victories in 210 days.

The Netherlands swung out with a big overhand, but his attack led to a quick takedown from Sousa. The Netherlands was aggressive from behind, throwing stiff elbows and attacking with submissions. Soza was happy to tackle the fight from above.

The pair spoke loudly, and the Netherlands did something amazing, landing some big names from below that surprised Souza. The Netherlands then stood up and landed a savage punch, folded Souza back on his knees and finished at the 1:45 mark in Round 1.

Currently, on the biggest upswing of his career, the £ 185 Dutch five-game UFC streak is the second best in the category and champion Israel, who continues to win nine streak in the weight class. It follows Adesanya.

The victory put him in the “Fighter of the Year” and it’s not yet clear if he’ll win it, but he’s won one award for “Knockout of the Month.”

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December 2020 MMA Junky “Knockout of the Month”: Kevin Holland December 2020 MMA Junky “Knockout of the Month”: Kevin Holland

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