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The year of so many tragedy in the world is even sadder, as John Hoover is known as Brodie Lee of AEW and WWE fans are known to have Luke Harper died on Saturday at the age of 41. finished. His wife announced his death on Instagram.

“My best friend died today,” writes his wife Amanda. “I never wanted Write down those words. My heart is broken.The world saw He was a great @brodielee (fka Luke Harper), but he

My best friend, my husband, and your greatest father Will meet.I can’t express the love and the way I feel I’m broken now. “

Amanda said Hoover was suffering from non-COVID-related lung conditions.She thanked the Mayo Clinic We have the best team of doctors and nurses in the world.

Girlfriend Also Thanks to AEW for how they treated her family, Children, especially Cody and Brandi Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and Tony Khan said, “He helped keep me standing. Pick up all the broken parts. “

Several WWE wrestlers pay homage on Twitter, and Bray Wyatt has written long and inspiring compliments to his friends, brothers, partners, and his Terry Gordy.

“We changed the whole game because we refused to do it in any way other than our way. When we were a team, we were always in top shape. We I think they both knew it. We fought like brothers. I’m very angry. This isn’t what it should be, it’s fat and bald in a high school gym in the 70’s. It was supposed to be a useless spot for the Wyatt family, “Wyatt posted on Instagram.

“What do I do, knowing that you can’t hear your disdainful sarcasm when I’m riding high? I miss you. I can’t believe you’re gone. We will do anything to survive our worst moments. I’m sorry brother. I’m sorry. You’re always part of me, whether you like me or not. Everything is different without you. Amanda Hope I don’t just say I’m here, but I really know that I love them too. I want your son to be the incredible guy you were Make sure you know. Real you that only a few people could see, not the legends people say …

I hurt very badly.I wish I had a chance to saygoodbye.. But again, it’s Saturday. You know what that means … Save me the seat next to you wherever you are, that’s where I belong.I will be It’s there when it’s my time. goodbyeBrody forever. I love you. ”

HHH called Huber “AM
Talented but better human beings, husband and father, and Stephanie wrote that they united the love of their children and called him a true family man.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre said: “In addition to his incredible passion and talent, John was, above all, a great man who loved his family indescribably. Keep them in your mind. Brother, let’s meet.”

Sheamus writes:Awesome Human. He was loved and respected by everyone who knew him. A great man, and a better husband and father.I have a lot of broken hearts
tonight.Thank you very muchFor the brothers of great memories, “Randy Orton added. “I have no words. #RIPBrodieLee May God send as much power as possible to his beautiful family.”

Big E writes: “I hope you all get to know someone like John. He was the man of the biggest family and the one who made me laugh every day. I miss him every day for the rest of my life Is lonely.I love you, Brody, and me Thank you very much so much.

From All Elite Wrestling … Cody Rhodes said: The storyteller, and his gift beyond that, was to challenge you, and he set the bar very high, “Cody writes. When someone first met him … it was even clearer that he was a family member and a top-notch person. I had to share his last number … I had to play his last match.It’s an honor

And privileges and experience are very humble. Thank you very much“Big rig.” We honor you and your family. ”

AEW President Tony Khan said. “John was a great person. His family came first, his beloved wife Amanda and their son Brody + Nolan. He loved wrestling and it was great. He made your fans I loved you, please keep it
He in your heart. “

Brandi Rhodes added:Thank you very muchFor everything you did for me and my family. We all love you very much. You were a very nice person. It is my pleasure and privilege to know you and work with you. Your family is now our family. We watch over them. Rest with your friends now. “

The Young Bucks simply tweeted, “I love Brody.”

Hikaru Shida of the AEW Women’s World Championship added, “I can’t find the words … I just want to pray for him and his family.”

Marco Stunt wrote, “I don’t really feel like posting this … this is one of my favorite photos I’ve never posted,” and Lee picked up a funny photo with his ears. I added.

“It was a real honor every time I locked the horn,” Dustin Rhodes tweeted. “You were a terrible great man, husband, and father. This stabs. You will be terribly missed by John. I always remember time together.”

Matt Hardy writes: “I was overwhelmed by Brody’s death. He was full of life with his beloved wife and young children. A devastating reminder of how fragile life is. Good rest, friends. “

The Dark Order’s 10 says, “He was a great performer and mentor, but more importantly,
Dear friend. You will never be forgotten.Thank you very muchIn all. “

Dark Order Stee Grayson added: “John was really one of the best, honest and kind people I’ve ever known. He was the first day I met him in 2007 and the last time I met him. It was a day. I always have only good memories of him.I love youman. “

Others who died in 2020 include hMay 31, two months after his wife died of heart failure just a few weeks ago, Ardcore wrestling star Danny Havoc, July 21, 38-year-old Tom’Z Bar’Hirschman, May 22, 23. Japanese Josister Hana Kimura Cyber ​​Bullying, Howard Finkel, La Parka II, Shad Gaspard, Rocky Johnson, Pat Patterson, Road Warrior Animal, Kamala, Adam Buehler, Pampero Philpo, Ares・ Legends such as El Guerrero, Principe Aero, Puppet, Bobby Lee, Rip Oliver, Ryan Smile, Danny Hodge, Dick Steinborn, Herodes, Steve Casey, Steve Gillespie, Supreme, Sy Sperling, Sylvano Sousa, Johnny Walker, Justice Pain, The Bruiser, Timothy Brooks, Tony Russo, Tracy Smothers, Karsten Beck, Kat LeRoux, Kazuo Sakurada, Kevin Greene, Wayne Bridges, Winona Littleheart, Little Richard, Xavier, Z-Barr, Mike Somaini, Mark “Rollerball” Rocco , Mitch Ryder

May they all sleep peacefully and their memories be a blessing to everyone who knows them.

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December 28th as I see: the sad end of a sad year December 28th as I see: the sad end of a sad year

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