Deck of Ashes, an adventure game with tactical card combat, on Switch

Publisher Buka Entertainment and developer AY Games have announced the introduction of the Deck of Ashes on Switch. An adventure game featuring tactical card combat is scheduled for the second quarter of 2021 on the system.

The outline and trailer of the Deck of Ashes are as follows.

The Deck of Ashes is a hardcore story-driven RPG with a procedurally generated game world and a card-based tactical combat system. The player acts as one of four antiheroes, finding and creating new cards to collect powerful card decks and defeat enemies in turn-based tactical battles.

Every character’s story is unique, so there are four separate story campaigns, and starting each of these campaigns will create a new game world! It’s up to you to decide where to go, the next enemy to fight, and the resources to collect to create the card. There are over 100 cards in the game, and players can combine them to create unique decks and combat styles!

Main functions

– The eerie world of dark fantasy. All characters, monsters and places are hand-painted!
– 4 protagonists — 4 story campaigns.
– Incredibly playable! The procedurally generated world of games makes every new game unique.
– An insanely large number of card combinations. Collect and create cards that suit your playing style.
– Biomes with different monsters: Each biome has a different impact on gameplay and is inhabited by unique enemies!
– Death is permanent in the best traditions of the roguelike genre.Once you die you are dead forever … unless you use black magic

The Deck of Ashes will be digitally sold to Switch through the e-shop. Civil the Dark Souls and Elf Archer will appear on the console as timed exclusive characters.

Source: Buka Entertainment PR

Deck of Ashes, adventure game with tactical card combat, coming to Switch

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