Deena and JWoww admit to considering leaving the show

Snooky wasn’t the only roommate who wanted to quit the show after the wedding drama. Both Deena and JWoww had previously considered quitting.

Both Deena Cortese and Jenni “JWoww” Farley have revealed that they are considering leaving the company. Jersey shore Before.With the drama that happened after Angelina Pivanic’s 2019 wedding, all the girls wondered if the show still wanted to attend. Nicole “Snuki” Polizzi quit, Dina and Jennie are stuck. The production not only adjusted the children’s schedule, but also allowed them to attend the show, allowing both mothers to participate in the shoot.

With Angelina Her husband, Chris Larangeria, Closed in November 2019. The wedding and the events leading up to their big day were portrayed at the show. Dina, Jennie and Nicole were all wedding bridesmaids. When the girl’s bridesmaid speech failed, the four roommates eventually made a fuss and Nicole stopped the show. Dina also vowed to never shoot with Angelina. But she then changed her mind.

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Dina and Jennie were on the verge of quitting Nicole’s show. They opened their hearts. In Touch WeeklyAdmit that they considered Stay away from shootingDuring a virtual interview, Dina said she really just needed it.breakFollowing the wedding drama. Like Nicole, Dina explained that it would be difficult for her to leave her two sons for a long time to shoot the show. You can shoot comfortably again. She said:Fortunately, the production company and MTV did a great job of working with us.“Production agreed to allow Dina’s husband and son to participate in the shoot. In fact, last season everyone flew to Vegas. One of Dina’s favorite parts of the show. One is that the production is “family“To make sure everyone is.”comfortable

Jersey Shore Family Reunion

Like Dina, Jennie’s two children’s education and busy schedule helped her think about leaving the show. Jennie’s oldest recently started attending school full-time. As a working mother, she said,Choose her fight,“Education of her children is indisputable. Despite the struggles and difficulties brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the virtual school of Jennie’s daughter is actually of two children. It’s been a plus for her mother. Jennie’s main focus is on her two children, but she also loves to take part in the show shoot full-time.I want you to do my child’s schedule and school education. As long as it fosters that method and we can make it work.Jennie joked that he would continue to appear on the show until he was 90, if allowed.

Dina and Jennie too Touched Nicole’s amazing return To Jersey Shore: Family TripThey admitted that it was even a surprise to them. Both production and Nicole kept her return secret from anyone. Fans can see their roommates reunited with their favorites. “meatball” In the next new episode that airs this Thursday.

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Jersey Shore: Family Trip Broadcast on MTV every Thursday at 8 pm EST.

Source: In Touch Weekly

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Deena and JWoww admit to considering leaving the show

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