Deep-end kickstarter project Romancelvania brings love for Switch

Who needs Castlevania When you can play Roman servania instead? This Kickstarter project developed by The Deep End Games-a team of individuals who previously worked on the following titles: Bioshock, Saints Row And Perception -Fully funded on all platforms including Nintendo Switch.

This “thirsty” Metroidvania combines battle and romance into one experience. This is the inside story, along with some additional details about what to expect:

“You fight across Transylvania as the legendary playboy vampire Drak and play romance. After being reluctantly hired by the Grim Reaper to appear in the” Reality Date Show, “he made the most qualified one in the world. I have a mission to find out. Take the monster to his party mansion and regain his former glory by killing everything on his way along the way. “

Introduction Thirsty metroidvania -Romance Transylvania, encounter absurd monsters, build weapons and learn magic.

Build Your castle -Grow your party mansion while persuading more cast members to move, determine where monsters live, and earn stats and skill bonuses.

pleasant Showmance -Take cast members on bizarre days, massage your lover to expand your conversation options and spend time discovering these supernatural charms.

It can also be played as a female Drac, and it’s worth pointing out that there are also limited-running physical releases. This is what the team had to say to reach Kickstarter’s goal of $ 200,000.

“That’s an update. We actually did it. It’s all thanks to you. There’s a lot of discussion, planning, celebration, and creation, but for now we’ve been you guys for a long time. I know I’m grateful to you. Today the dream you made will come true! “

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