Defeat the fever with a simple lifestyle change!

If you’re a kid, summer is the beginning of your vacation, so it must be the long-awaited season for you! As an adult, there are many things you need to worry about. There are things that need to be maintained both indoors and outdoors, such as dehydration, heat stroke, and some other precautions.

What happens to your body during the summer?

Your body undergoes so many changes in the heat. for example:

  • Heat stroke: Put pressure on your heart
  • dehydration: Constricts the brain, causing headaches, confusion, itchy eyes, palpitation, sleep problems
  • Muscle cramps and lethargy: Because your body uses energy to lower your body temperature
  • itch: Around the body because sweat collects under and around the eyes and under the skin
  • nausea: Due to increased body temperature
  • Low blood pressure Because your heart has to work harder to supply blood to the body for fever.

The above issues can be fixed or avoided by adopting a very simple lifestyle change to overcome the heat!

1. Hair care

Your scalp sweats more during the summer. Hair may curl and dry. Washing your hair every day may seem like a good idea, but it can remove natural oils from your scalp and cause dandruff and hair loss. You can massage your head to increase blood flow to the roots of your hair. Wash your hair every other day.

2. Face and skin care

Without proper care, the harmful UV rays of the sun can damage the skin and cause brown spots, sunburn and wrinkles. The temperature is very high at noon, so it is essential to avoid the sun between 10 am and 2 pm. If you need to venture, use sunscreen and appropriate protective equipment to prevent damage.

The best time to adventure during the summer is either early morning or evening. Exposure to the sun is also important for strengthening bones, boosting immunity, and correcting sleep and mood.

3. Clothing

Choosing the right clothes will help you cope with the heat of the summer! Bright colors are the way to go. Avoid dark colors and stick to cotton clothes and caddies that are capable of absorbing heat and cooling on their own. Avoid silk, nylon and other fabrics that absorb and store heat.

4. Hydration

This is the key to maintaining good health in the summer! As mentioned above, dehydration can cause many health problems. Drink at least 2-3 liters of water daily. Always have a bottle of water handy and keep drinking even if you are not thirsty.

You can also choose coconut water, fresh fruit juice, sugar cane juice, herbal ice tea, buttermilk and yogurt. You can make your own natural drink by adding salt, jaggery, basil seeds, or drops of mint / lemon to the water to replenish the body with electrolytes.

Foods that help survive the heat

  • watermelon: Watermelon is a fruit to go when your body needs hydration! It contains 90% water and is rich in vitamins A and C. It helps hydration, protects the circulatory system of the heart, and protects against muscles and headaches.
  • Cucumber: Acts as a natural body cooler and reduces body heat. It also contains 95% water and is rich in copper, potassium, vitamins B, C, K and manganese, which helps in hydration.
  • onion: To overcome the heat of summer, you need to carry the onions in your pocket. Onions cool the body temperature quickly and act as a cooling agent for the body by preventing heat stroke. It can be consumed raw or added to salads and can protect you from many illnesses and infections. If you face a nosebleed problem during the summer, inhale the onions to stop the bleeding.
  • Coconut water: Rich in minerals such as vitamins A, C, potassium, calcium, manganese and magnesium. It helps you maintain hydration with these essential nutrients.
  • Basil seed: These little seeds have a great cooling effect. With anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial effects, it improves hair and skin health and prevents illness.
  • Yogurt: Strengthens the intestines and improves immunity. A few servings of yogurt or tofu can bring wonders to your body. To enhance its benefits, add berries to yogurt or consume either lassi or buttermilk.
  • Barley water: Add a drop of lemon and it’s perfect for summer coolant. It also treats urinary tract infections. You can get enough fiber, vitamins and minerals by drinking this cold or warm drink.

Foods to avoid during the summer

The scorching summer heat has a serious impact on the digestive system. It is best to avoid certain foods.

  • junk food: May cause indigestion and food poisoning
  • Heat hood: Avoid overheated spices such as lean meat, nutmeg, chili, ginger, pepper and cinnamon
  • Dairy products: Skip high-fat dairy products such as cheese and ghee that can confuse the stomach. Their high fat content can also cause acne on the face.
  • Hot Beverage: Avoid tea, coffee and sodas that are dehydrated and affect your kidneys.

With these changes in place, you’re ready to overcome the heat of the summer. Check out Healthy Reads for summer tips or subscribe to personalized health coaching here and ask your GOQii coach: https: //


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