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Stephen Curry may have made the final dent in the New Orleans Pelican’s play-in tournament aspirations.

The explosive 123-108 defeat by the Golden State Warriors means that Pelicans are three and a half games behind the creation of the play-in tournament. The victory would have rekindled Pers’ hopes until the end of the regular season, but this defeat seems to have decisively wiped them out.

It was once again a poor performance in New Orleans on national television. This mysterious and inconsistent team continues to provide memorable moments. From time to time, Pelicans can blow away championship candidates. On other occasions, they may hand Curry his ninth 40-point or better game of the season, causing the entire Pelican team to make more than three.

Pelicans couldn’t be scratched throughout the game. At some point in the first quarter, Curry scored 17 points against a total of 19 in New Orleans. The Stan Van Gundy team was more or less hanging out for most of the game, but it has always been an manageable lead for the Warriors.

They weren’t under pressure in the Pelican winning game. This is an indictment against a team that often cannot play due to the required urgency.

Pelicans will face the Golden State again on Tuesday night as part of their back-to-back, but the contest will be less important. The victory is fine, but it seems to prove to be futile in the end.

Starting with my personal MVP, the results of Pers’s defeated players against the Warriors are:

New Orleans Pelican vs. Golden State Warriors: Best Player Rating

No one had a really great night, but Zion Williamson was the best pelican player.

Williamson tried to keep New Orleans in the game for most of the first half, even if it didn’t help by the end of the night. His statistics were impressive and worthy of the NBA x Marvel collaboration. His airball with smoke trail effect is worth laughing, but it’s a shame that Williamson played very well again and is unlikely to experience the first postseason of the year.

The Pelicans All-Star ended with 32 points, 8 rebounds, 2 blocks and assists. The Golden State deserves some praise for Williamson’s hard work for his points, but he ended his night with 50 percent of the shooting.

But in all of him, Williamson wasn’t as dominant as we saw. He was unable to convert around the basket intermittently, his defense still required work, and there were four turnovers. So he gets B + instead of going into the A realm.

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Defeat vs. Golden State Warriors performance Defeat vs. Golden State Warriors performance

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