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New arrival Delhi: Deputy Prime Minister Mannish perilla On Wednesday, the central government said it lied “shamelessly” Parliament During the second wave of Covid-19 infection, there are few deaths caused by lack of oxygen.

Sisodia claimed that people died because of the center’s “management system failure.”

In response to a question about whether a large number of Covid patients died on roads and hospitals due to lack of oxygen during the recent surge in Covid, State Minister of Health and Family Welfare Barati Prabin Powerle said in a written response to Congress. Told to. “Detailed guidelines for reporting deaths are issued by the Federal Department of Health to all states / UTs. Therefore, all states / UTs regularly report cases and deaths to the Federal Department of Health. However, deaths from lack of oxygen have not been specifically reported by the state / UT. “
At a digital press conference on Wednesday, Sisodia said: People were dying, and this was all the result of the central government’s failed management system. Instead of taking responsibility, the center shamelessly lied that no one died from lack of oxygen in Congress yesterday. “

Sisodia argued that the policy of the oxygen distribution system developed by the Center on April 13 caused a major oxygen crisis throughout India without the plans behind it. Delhi recorded more than 13,000 Covid deaths in April and May.

Deputy cm The Government of Delhi has formed a committee to investigate deaths from oxygen deficiency with the aim of providing the families of such deceased with 5 rack rupees, but the central government established this committee by order of the Vice Governor. Said he refused. “The center was afraid that the truth about its oxygen management mistakes and its inefficiencies would be publicly known through this committee,” he claimed.

He also accused the central government of repeatedly lying, saying the state had not submitted figures for oxygen deaths. “Where do the numbers come from when the state does not allow such deaths to be investigated? If the central government has the courage to investigate oxygen deaths, I am the Delhi Government Investigation Commission. I’ll challenge you to do the job, “said Sisodia.

At another press conference on Wednesday, the Minister of Health in Delhi Satiendra Jain He said the central CoWin portal had no columns to record the reasons for his death, and the center did not require such data from the state government. “Still, the Delhi government tried to find out the number of deaths caused by lack of oxygen, but the center stopped us,” he claimed.

Jane added:After intervention Supreme CourtMany lives have been saved, especially in Delhi. We would have seen a dystopian situation without the involvement of the High Court and the Supreme Court. The center is rubbing salt on the wounds of people who have lost relatives due to lack of oxygen. “
No one dies from lack of oxygen is not a lie: Delhi Deputy CM Mannish Sisodia

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