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Delisting decision: Frontier Inc. Japan Exchange Group

September 28, 2021 TSE
Delisting decision: Frontier Inc.

TSE has decided to delist


(1) Issue name Frontier Co., Ltd.
(Code: 4250, Market Division: TOKYO PRO Market)
(2) Delisting date October 31, 2021 (Sun)
(Note) TSE may change the delisting date if a situation arises in which the company’s shares should be delisted promptly.
(3) Regulations and reasons Special rules regarding securities listing rules
Specified Listed Securities Rule 143, Paragraph 1
(Because Frontier Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) submitted an application for delisting today, and TSE decided to delist.)

2. Treat as securities instead of money

Since the Company’s shares are scheduled to be listed on the Fukuoka Stock Exchange on Monday, November 1, 2021, they will not be excluded from securities in lieu of money for the following items.
-Customer Margin for Deposit and Issuance Transactions
-Transaction Margin for Transactions at Issuance
-Securing money for trading participants
-Participant bonds

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Delisting decision: Frontier Inc. Japan Exchange Group Delisting decision: Frontier Inc. Japan Exchange Group

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