Deltarune Chapter 2 Gameplay Switching

Deltarune Chapter 2 Gameplay

After appearing on Nintendo Direct yesterday Deltarune Chapter 2 With a switch.

Undertale creator Toby Fox’s Deltarune has The first chapter of the switch back in 2019.. This Chapter 2 can be played for free, just like Chapter 1.

Here’s a quick overview with some additional information about the game:

The next adventure in the Undertale series is here!

Undertale, an award-winning indie RPG, extends the series with a whole new game … in another world! Create your own avatar, meet strange friends and dive into the darkness. The first two chapters are free, but what are you waiting for? And as soon as we finish them, more (paid) chapters will come out, so keep an eye on them! For many years!

Watch Deltarune’s Chapter 2 Switch gameplay in the video below.

If you’ve previously downloaded Deltarune Chapter 1 on Switch, you can get free access to this new content by updating the game. For all other new players, Deltarune Chapters 1 and 2 can be found in the Switch eShop. There is no cost to download.

Fox continues to develop Deltarune with additional chapters.Keep track of future updates about the game through the official website here..

Deltarune Chapter 2 Gameplay Switching

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