Deltarune Chapter 2 has been released for free

Unlike the cheeky surprise release of the first free chapter of 2018 I got a warning About Deltarune Chapter 2 author Toby Fox says the world is tough enough these days, so it’s also available for free.Not a sequel or the day before a game related to Fox’s hit RPG Undertale Is still in progress, but the latest chunks of the story hope fans are still busy chatting and looking for secrets for some time. Once again, it may certainly be for a while. Fox plans to release Chapters 3-5 as paid releases, but even he doesn’t know when.

“Originally we planned to release all the chapters after they were finished, but to be honest, it’s difficult for creators and fans to go on for a long time without releasing them, so I changed my mind,” says Toby Fox. Update post About the status of Deltarune.

The next chapter is currently under development and says Fox will all be released together. Seriously this time. It will be a paid release. Seriously this time as well. Fox doesn’t know when yet. And how much is it? Undertale and above — costs £ 7 / $ 10.

Interestingly, Fox states that Deltarune’s Chapter 2 could actually be the biggest in the game. “I think it’s the biggest chapter of the whole game in many ways,” says Fox. “It has the most cutscenes, the story contains many characters, and there are many other aspects that make it a challenging chapter.” Then I’m glad it’s available for free.

“It was a really ridiculous chapter,” Fox said. Say again, “And the next one will be super ridiculous too!”

Perhaps thanks to that advance notice, Deltarune kicked the door with over 100,000 simultaneous players Only on Steam When arriving on Friday. This goes far beyond Undertale’s lifelong record on Steam. Concurrent players aren’t particularly important statistics in single-player games, but they still look great.Toby Fox’s previous SNES-inspired adventure is still one The best RPG On the PC, the RPS crew believes, so it’s no wonder people were aggressively resenting more Deltarune.

Since the landing of Chapter 2, several patches have already been obtained that fix crashes and controller issues.Quickly get details of which soft locks have been resolved Here..

I think Toby Fox games are something people really want to experience. But if you want a tip, Fox left a note at the end of the announcement post, finding him sleeping on the bottom of the dumplings and not taking a pillow. Whether it’s a good hint or a weird joke, you’ll need to download the Deltarune demo to find yourself. On Steam Also itch..You can also nab the soundtrack of Chapter 2 At Bandcamp..

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