Deltarune Chapter 2 is coming this week

Screenshots of the trailer for Chapter 2 of Deltarune.

screenshot: Deltarune Chapter 2

Fans have been waiting for news like this forever, Undertale Toby Fox just announced it Deltarune Chapter 2 Will come out … this week

At the end of the stream to commemorate the 6th anniversary of Undertale Release, trailer Deltarune Chapter 2 has been removed, revealing not only the gameplay, but also the September 17th release date (8 pm Eastern Standard Time to be exact). Here is a short clip:

First chapter of Deltarune It was also a surprise When released in 2018Comes out of nowhere Undertale Fans of the new series that seem to be based on the universe of the game, just things different..

The original was also released on Switch and PS4, but please note that this release date is for PC and Mac only.


Undertale The author says the next chapter Deltarune Almost done

Nyeh heh heh!Today is the 5th anniversary of the release Undertale, And creator Toby Fox is celebrating the milestone with new information about the progress of the sequel, Deltarune..

If you have played Undertale, You have to play Deltarune

last week, Undertale Designer Toby Fox has released a new free game called Deltarune, And you may wonder if it’s worth your time. Yes, it is. Yes, it is.If you enjoyed Undertale Even the slightest, you really should I go to play Deltarune ASAP.

Undertale fans already have a theory about what’s happening at Deltarune

yesterday, Undertale Creator Toby Fox has released a new game called Surprise Deltarune..Free RPG is the first chapter of a new story that looks like it’s set up UndertaleIn the universe, this time (or place ???), nothing is exactly the same.Already, fans have a theory about why it is and how it fits unresolved. Undertale A mystery like the true identity of Creepy Skeleton Man WD Gaster Challenges Everyone’s Favorite Space-Time..

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