Demon X Makina celebrates first year with a free gift

Daemon X Machina was released for Switch in September 2019 and released its 1st Anniversary Update in November 2020. No judgment here-time doesn’t make sense this year-but the good news here is that everyone who owns the game has access to free content.

Daemon X Machina is also available on PC and both versions have been updated.

Switch version 1.4.0 (1.0.2 on PC), a 1st anniversary update, comes with a number of cosmetic elements and one bonus mission, Eclipse Q, a powerful enemy that gives Arsenal a new blueprint. You can fight with. If you defeat it.

Here are all the giveaways added in this update via Nintendo Life:

  • “Gross feiern” arsenal skin
  • “Grandemon” outer suit
  • “Eclipse RT: Omega Destruction Strategy” Command-Battle with the enhanced and immortal “Eclipse Q”.
  • 3 arsenal decals
  • 3 preview backgrounds

Daemon X Machina won 7/10 in the Switch version review by GameSpot. “Demon X Makina is slightly below that potential due to the missed possibility of the story and minor issues with mecha-to-mecha combat and multiplayer loadouts, but the foundation is strong,” said reviewer Steve. Watts writes. “As a total package, it’s in great danger. It took a little more time to tinker in the store.”

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