Demon’s Soul Build: Moonlight Valkyrie (PvP & PvE)

Last updated: November 20, 2020

In this Demon’s Soul Remake Build Guide, I’m going to cover me Moonlight Valkyrie Build, Now uses the legendary weapon Large Sword of Moonlight. This build is especially suitable for beginners who want PvP, or who like to work together to get rid of intruders. Due to its high magic damage, it can also be used effectively in PvE.

Demon’s Soul Build: Moonlight Valkyrie (PvP & PvE)

Moonlight Valkyrie Build Moonlight sword, Causes 100% magic damage. Many enemies in the game are vulnerable to magic damage, especially against them, but what’s really cool is that the sword isn’t blocked by the shield. This is great because it has no effect on human enemies who block a lot or players who use shields.

In combination with the sword you use Assessor’s shield And Regenerator ring, Heals you over time. This allows you to fight PvP battles where your enemies need to take advantage when you’re weak. Otherwise, you will only recover. This often puts you in a predictable situation and allows you to look back on things in a positive way. So this build works well in PvP.

Moonlight Valkyrie Starting Class

There are two classes that work well in this build and they priest And Temple knight..The priest mace And Heater shield, The Knights Templar begins with Halberd and Heater Shield.Knights Templar is heavier armor More resistant than priests. Both of these classes work, but I think it really depends on which device you like. You could have Night Class in this build, but keep in mind that you will need more soul levels to achieve the optimal status spread.

Moonlight Valkyrie Early Game Tips

It doesn’t matter if you choose priest Or Temple night classThe first thing to understand is that the way to set up at the beginning of the game is not how this build will play after you have won the Moonlight Sword.

Playing around is not a bad idea Bastard sword (Once obtained), or cultivate some souls to buy Claymore. Due to their low strength, these weapons can only be used with both hands, but they give you a better idea of ​​your playstyle.

Stamina management

If you decide to try one of these weapons Before you get Moonlight sword That way, you’ll soon find that you can swing at most a couple of times before you run out of stamina. This is usually barely enough to defeat one enemy and can lead to bad situations if there are many enemies around.

this is Durable Very important statistics for this Build This is because you can make more swings before you can restore your stamina. Even if you have a powerful weapon, if you can only swing it twice, it will not be very effective. In addition, to save even more stamina, you need to learn to AoE your enemies with horizontal attacks on these weapons.


miracle is incantation necessary faith To use, they use mana like normal spells they use Magic stats.. Miracles don’t play a big role in this build, as the emphasis is on the Moonlight Sword.This is because you already need it faith, Durable And vitality For this build to work, adding intelligence to earn enough mana to use Miracle on a regular basis will hinder this speed. Build Come with me. However, if you plan to play NG + or later, you should spend points on intelligence and consider incorporating Miracle into your playstyle.

Moonlight Valkyrie Statistics

Only three stats are needed for the Moonlight Valkeries to be effective. faith, Durable And vitality.. However, depending on whether you chose Priest, you may need some points in your strength to use the Adjudicator Shield.

Faith increases damage Moonlight sword, And you need a minimum of 24 to shake it first. If you don’t have a sword, it should be close to 24 faiths.

Demon’s Souls Moonlight Sword

Endurance is next to the list, and you need to increase this to swing more times with your sword, but you also need to increase the weight of equipment you can carry. Higher maximum equipment weight allows you to wear heavier armor, which is still less than 50%, so you can roll normally.

Finally, since we use shields much less often, we need to put some points in vitality to hit this are statistics The final result is:

  • Faith: 30
  • Endurance: 40
  • Vitality: 30

this statistics Spreads give you the maximum amount, while giving you the maximum value for your spending with sword damage energy You can have Ultimately, you need to have 50 faith to increase the damage further. 30 vitality is a breaking point for diminishing returns, but it can be higher over time so that it does not become a single shot after NG +.

Moonlight Valkyrie Build

In this section we will look at the equipment you need to play. Moonlight Valkyrie Build Effectively. Please note that this may change depending on which section of the game you are using. However, this should help provide ideas for the setup you are looking for. First, let’s take a look at the early games.

Early game Moonlight Valkyrie equipment

At the beginning of the game you will want to pick it up and equip it Clinging ring As soon as you can further enhance your health in the form of a soul. You’ll probably be in soul form for quite some time, so this can really help keep you alive.

You can get a bastard sword or farm soul and buy claymore from a dregling merchant to get a feel for the playstyle, but this is an option as you will always learn when you get an LSOM.

Please be sure to pick it up Rings of power Under blue Dragon In Boletarian Palace It will make it easier to use heavier armor. Equip as soon as you get it, and adjust your armor and equipment to less than 50%. From this point on, do not exceed 50%.

Remove Helmet Worst if needed armor, And move your armor again as you pick up some lighter pieces, so that you equip each slot with something. It is better to have two light armor than one heavy armor.

Storm shrine

If you defeat it Phalanx Next, you need to head to the Shrine of Storms to get some valuable items.

First you can pick up Crescent Falchion It boosts damage early in the game if needed, but this is completely optional and if it works, you don’t have to worry about grabbing it.

Demon’s Souls Storm Shrine

Then, if you hit the Swamp of Sadness to offset the poison damage, you’ll want to get a regenerator ring that can be exchanged for a giant ring of strength.

And third, you’ll want to get an ajudicator shield. Because it heals you over time, even if it’s on your back when you’re holding the weapon in both hands. This also helps with the Swamp of Sadness, but you’ll need it later to heal you when you’re fighting the Moonlight Longsword.

Valley of dirt

Valley of dirt After collecting these items, it should be: The first thing I want to get here is Blessed mace.. It can be hard to find and is another optional item, but it will heal you over time and will help you through the swamp as it stacks with the arbitrator’s shield and regenerator ring.

Demon’s Souls Dirty Valley

Once you reach the swamp, you have a second chance. Regenerator ring If you haven’t already, consider getting one Dull gold set.. It passes through the first foggy wall and enters the swamp on the right instead of climbing the ramp. You will find a lonely slug there, and you can kill it to get this set, and this is what makes you look like a valkyrie. Please note that you must be a woman to use this set. Change your gender if necessary.

Not too far Dull gold set that is Moonlight longsword, And you need to climb some ramps with some slugs to find it, knock it down and then carefully drop it down and grab it from the middle of about 20 slugs. Once you get it, you should be able to wipe them all out quickly.

Last tip

Don’t forget to keep Assessor’s shield Then at least on your back when fighting for a healthy rebirth. It doesn’t have to be at hand, but if you replace the offhand with a Talisman, for example, it will stop working.

Always keep the equipment burden below 50%. I do this by moving the armor as needed, but I don’t want to face a good player during fat rolling if it helps (boss which one).

Please be sure to use Assessor’s shield Or another shield Against spear enemies because they are the Achilles heel of this Build.. They have a longer reach and a faster attack than your sword, so you can’t just turn to these enemy types or players. If possible, use a shield to create the opening.

Can be upgraded using both the Ajudicator Shield and the Moonlight Longsword Colorless demon’s soul.. There are so many things you can get for each playthrough, so choose your usage wisely. Adjudicator’s Shield increases health regeneration with each upgrade, while LSOM only boosts scaling slightly.

Just because this build isn’t focused on use miracle It does not mean that they cannot be used in this build.Miracle like cure, Playback,and Revival Everything works fine in this build, and you can always use spices to replenish your mana as needed.

Finally, if you continue to play this build-in NG + and beyond, be sure to place some points in your intelligence to increase your mana.This allows you to use miracles such as: Second chance And God’s wrath It’s a game changer.

Stay tuned for more details Demon’s Soul Build Guide, Explore what kind of build you can create.And be sure to check Demon’s Souls Wiki If you have specific questions about the game!


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