Demon’s Soul keeps most things unchanged

Fans want a remake after it was launched over 10 years ago Demon’s Soul.. For good reason, it was (and still is) one of the most beloved games in the PlayStation catalog. Today you’ll get a second gameplay trailer detailing the updated (but familiar mechanics) you’ll encounter when you return to Boletaria.

Talking to creative director Gavin Moore Polygon, he confirms that much of what people loved about the original will be included in the game when it goes on sale November 12. However, there are minor changes to make the game a little more modern.

“Our approach to this is to leave the core of the game as it is. Demon’s Soul, That’s gameplay, logic, AI, and everything else is removed, “Moore says. “And with the incredible power of the PlayStation 5 and how wild it can be with this title, we started recreating everything.”

Bluepoint developers have learned a lot by working on a beautiful remake of 2018 Wanda and the Colossus. And they started working on this project using what they learned from that project.

“Everything that was in the original PlayStation 3 version is in the standard edition of the game,” Moore went on to ask about new items and equipment. Demon’s Soul As part of the digital deluxe edition of the game. “So no one is missing something. There’s a lot of new content added to the game that fans can find and enjoy. And there’s a lot that fans think they’re going to go.” Oh, that’s it. Wonderful. It’s amazing. I didn’t know they were incorporating it into the game. I won’t talk any further. [I don’t want] Ruin something. “

Read the entire article for more information. Demon’s Soul It will be released on PlayStation 5 on November 12, 2020.


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