Demon’s Soul Remake Mystery Door Solution

EEarlier this week, players discovered a new addition to the Demon’s Souls remake that didn’t exist in the original game. And now the player has cracked the code as he opens the door.

Demon’s Soul Remake Mystery Door Solution

The door, which was locked when approached, gave the player a mystery to crack the Demon’s Souls remake. One player discovered that he could use photo mode skillfully to see through the door, but the challenge was how to get over the door.

Later this week, players discovered the addition of ceramic coins. It cannot be dropped for other players, only collects what can be found under the box. These coins can only be accessed when the player completes the game. Fracture mode Reach the tendency level of Pure White or Pure Black.

With this addition, the soulful community has figured out how to use them to open doors. Further supporting the idea that coins are associated with this door is that when you try to use them at Sparkly the Crow, a merchant who likes shiny things, you simply bring the ceramic coins back into play. Online players also cannot duplicate coins by dropping items for others. The coin will break, but it can still be used as a healing item.

This caused Souls Speed ​​Runner Distortion 2 to find a solution. Players need to use 26 coins to get a rusty key and give a certain number of ceramic coins to Sparkly the Crow. The key unlocks the hidden door in the inner ward area of ​​the Boletarian Palace, behind which is the Penetrator Armor Set based on the Penetrator Boss.

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