Demon’s Souls: 15 Most Difficult Bosses, Ranking

later Dark soul The franchise officially ended in the third game, and many fans thought it would mark the end of their pain. After all, the game was known to be one of the most brutal and relentless to date. The most difficult bosses players need to defeat are part of this reason, and some bosses were more nightmarish than others.

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Only the most patient and patient gamers wanted to get through to the end and win on the other side. In many cases, this meant dealing with defeats after they were defeated, until they had sufficient skills to understand effective strategies.Anyway, the worst boss Demon’s Souls It still elicits tremors from traumatized players.

Updated January 1, 2022 by Derek Draven. Demon’s Souls is about challenging players, but sometimes it takes that mission statement seriously. The end result is a battle of some punishing bosses that require players to be creative and think on their own feet to survive.

A few more bosses deserve special mention for their ingenious design, attack methods, and the bone-breaking challenges they offer. With any one of these boss characters, the player can throw the controller across the room, but only the most patiently determined person will understand the right strategy to win.

15 Dirty colossal statue

Demon's Souls Dirty Colossus

Dirty Colossus isn’t the most challenging boss in the game, but there is one trick that can destroy a cheeky player. It is a horde of flies that swallow and weaken health. When that happens, many players may think they have to kill the boss before they die in the attack.

In reality, you need to get into the fire on both sides of the arena and expel the flies. Once it’s dealt with, it’s a matter of concentrating the attack and avoiding intense strikes. Having a solid shield will give you a good balance. If not, it’s all about tactics and evasion that move away.

14 Dragon god

Dragon God Demon's Souls

Dragon god from Demon’s Souls I made a few mistakes regarding the challenge factor. First-time gamers will definitely be beaten to death, but it didn’t take long to understand this enemy’s attack pattern and react accordingly.

Still, those who are impatient enough will find themselves greeted many times on the death screen, especially since stealth and timing are important to defeat it. At present, this particular boss looks much worse than it really is.

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13 Reach Monger

Demon's Soul Reach Monger

Leechmonger is one of Demon’s Souls’ most disgusting bosses and can use the origin of its name to heal himself and tire players who don’t understand their weaknesses. To make matters worse, Hill can attack players and make things even more difficult.

Players using dragon weapons have a little advantage here and should be able to win in short order if they attack quickly before withdrawing from Counter-Strike. Keeping the regenerator ring at hand is also a solid tactic.

12 Maiden Astria

Demon's Souls Maiden Astria

Not the most challenging boss in the game, Maiden Astria is one of the first bosses to devise effective strategies to defeat players. This boss is unique in the fact that she uses a guardian character to protect her from attacks.

The player can choose to kill this character before chasing her, but that will affect the subsequent dialogue. So she’s one of the few bosses in the game that may not be that challenging, but you’ll have to fight twice to see how things change.

11 11 Armor spider

Demon's Soul Armored Spider Boss

Spiders and insects make some horror horror movies, Because they represent one of the oldest and most common of human phobias. Demon’s Souls I took advantage of that horror with Armor Spider. Depending on the build the player uses in the game, the armor spider can be a hurricane or just a breeze.

Players using ranged weapons should be safe, but players stuck with blades may find the Armor Spider very difficult. Players who focus on melee attacks are more impaired because they have fewer evasion windows. This boss loves spinning the web, which in the worst case can stumble the player.

Ten Fool’s idol

Demon's Souls Fool's Idol

Fool’s Idol is a particularly interesting battle, with more players doing damage given how the strength keeps rising. In addition to fighting the main boss, this character creates a duplicate of himself to ward off the player.

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If that’s not enough, she summons a horde to attack and throws spells at the player from different directions. To find a real idol, the player needs to keep an eye on the hordes that pray to her and show her closeness.

9 Vanguard

Vanguard Demon Soul

Vanguard List of DOOM Cool boss character, Mainly because of its bulky appearance. Thanks to its impressive height and high damage output, it can confuse the player without many problems. It may be one of the early bosses of the game, but it can surprise players who aren’t ready.

Vanguard is a great test of skill, especially for players looking to improve momentary evasion rolling. A 1-2 hit from that giant ax will bring you back to the respawn point. Remote players tend to make it a little easier.

8 Old hero


As far as boss battles are concerned, old heroes are pretty new. His blindness adds a layer of strategy to the fight, as the player can make a lot of noise with his movements. People who make too much noise always get angry. In other words, lightening your legs is the key to winning.

Old heroes also hit like bricks thrown at high speed. He can even take one shot of most players who have forgotten to apply enough points to their vitality statistics. Be careful if both the distant character and the melee character want to defeat this boss.

7 Old monk

Old monk

Old Monk is a challenging battle, summoning a phantom to make it public with the player. If they want to beat him and make progress, this requires a little skill to get the hang of it. The fight is challenging, but not as cruel as the rest of the game.

Demon’s Souls It wouldn’t be complete without online components, so it’s better to work with your boss to get the full experience. Playing online introduces another player’s phantom, turning a regular boss slug fest into an attractive PVP match.

6 Monetary

Moneters Demon's Souls

Monetor looks like it belongs to List of The witcher 3 The scariest creature, And it certainly remains true to its name. This is often one of the few bosses in the game to gang up with a player before doing enough damage to the first boss.

The battle starts like a standard 1v1 match, and once it’s dealt enough damage, it’s actually pretty easy until the second Maneater gets the help of the first Maneater. After that, all the patterns that the player remembers are pretty useless and the strategy needs to be rethought to explain the two.

Five Penetrator


Probably one of the most balanced boss battles overall Demon’s Souls The roster and penetrators probably served as inspiration for the future soul Boss such as Knight Artorias, Sir Alonne and Champion Gundyr. This is a fair match between the two great warriors, both doing their best and minimizing the cheapest shots possible.

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Not only does it make the fight more enjoyable, it also makes the victory more fulfilling.Of course, the penetrator still has the usual qualities soul Bosses have tough battles with deceptive movement sets, large health pools, and high damage output. The difference is that he punishes the player for fighting recklessly or being too greedy.

Four Phalanx

Demon's Souls Phalanx Boss

Players who confront phalanx need to figure out how to break that defense. This is a fair amount. In essence, a boss, as the name implies, is a collection of entities with shields and spears.It’s not A game for Zack Snyder fans 300, But cultural references are still there.

If you get too close, you will get a lot of damage. In short, breaking the shield’s defenses is paramount. This can be achieved by using fire to move them and then moving them to quickly attack at their weakest points. The operation of phalanx was effective for some reason, and this creature knows it.

3 Tower night


There are boss battles that may not be possible in the game until the player can find their weaknesses. One of these is the in-game menacing Tower Night, just as it was in the pre-release movie trailers.

The fight is also unfair, as some shooters give players potshots. These shooters can do enough damage to give you an unreasonable advantage, so it’s wise to prevent players from getting too involved in the fight against the knights.

2 Old King Allant

Old King Allant

Old King Allant is the most interesting final boss ever. soul game. He acts like a final exam to demonstrate everything the player has learned so far. He also has a devastating area attack and he hasn’t succumbed to close quarters combat.

Frustrating him enough, he gives the player a taste of his most notorious abilities. It lowers the level of their character, thereby disabling their special builds and gimmicks. The chances are very high, depending on how much practice the player needs before understanding an effective combat strategy.

1 Flamelurker

Flamerlurker Demon's Souls

Flamelurker now represents the developer’s malice and sadism towards the player. This is both comical and annoying. In boss battles, there are moments when the Flamerlurker feels like it’s hardly part of the game.

Blocking attacks is not very effective because of the fire damage that ignores elemental resistance. However, once the player clears the Flamelurker, the rest of the game tends to feel like walking in the park. Moreover, for gamers who enjoy running gauntlets, it’s a major bragging right, being beaten, hurt, and still winning.

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