Demon’s Souls camera changed for remake, but older camera is available

With Demon’s Soul A remake, Bluepoint Games, has made some tweaks to what fans may remember from the original PlayStation 3 version. One such revision revolves around the camera. Players will notice that the camera is slightly out of position due to the remake. But there are definitely players who want to experience the old way. Demon’s Soul‘A new paint coat. To that end, Bluepoint promises to have the option to use for those who need an older camera.

Creative director Gavin Moore revealed a lot in a recent interview with . Talking about respecting the original, Moore explained by adding “improvements in modern life”,

For example, when I decided to take a look at the camera, I changed the position of the camera a little so that it wouldn’t break through the wall and get stuck in a collision. This does not mean that the game has no options, so you can turn on your old camera if you want. I can do it. Save all of it. It’s all there that you can turn it on and off the way you want.

He also mentioned the balancing act that Blue Point had to perform, creating a game that new players could enjoy while preserving the experience that fans have cherished for many years. Moore told ,

It’s important to remember that the way we played the game 11 years ago wasn’t the way we imagined the game. You imagine it’s completely different. Basically, I had to create the game exactly as the players of the original version of PlayStation 3 imagined. And at the same time, make sure you’ve created a game that will be enjoyed by a new generation of gamers.

The· Demon’s Soul The remake will be available on PlayStation 5 on November 12th next month. The PS5 itself will be available in North America that same day. It will be on sale in Europe on November 19th the following week.

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Demon’s Souls Camera Changed for Remake, But Players Will Be Able to Use Old Camera

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