Demon’s Souls has a secret locked door

PLayer is trying to unlock the mysterious locked door of Demon’s Souls.

Demon’s Souls has a secret locked door

The· Demon’s Souls Remake There have been some changes and additions to the game, but one unannounced addition seems to be a secret door where players don’t seem to be able to unlock. A Twitter poster and Soul Youtube content creator Vaati Vidya shared a video of the mysterious door, but no solution has yet been found to unlock it.

According to Twitter user João Marcos Teixeira, this isn’t the first time Bluepoint has incorporated something weird. This was done in the Shadow of the Colossus and added an Easter egg that the player thought was the original. However, when I added the intersection to the colossus, it turned out not to be the original part. So this door may not be part of the original game, but a whole new one.

But if you think it’s a door, you can’t tell how enthusiastic your fans are by cleverly using photo mode. Reddit user Cosmic-Vagabond discovered that when you hug the door, you can tilt the camera through the door and then activate photo mode to look into it. The terrace is displayed. This terrace stands in front of the bridge to the Tower of Yuria, and when you look up at the same terrace using photo mode, you will see strange glowing items.

Screenshots by reddit user Cosmic-Vagabond

What does this strange object do? And can players solve the mystery of how to access this area? Players seem pretty enthusiastic, so perhaps more clues will be revealed. Vagabond elaborated on various attempts to open the door, including unfortunately not the key, equipping “3 out of 4 Blue Eye Nightsets in addition to the complete official Imperial Spy and Ancient King Set”. I will. Other attempts include secretly approaching the door and trying to sprint to the door while the area is being loaded.

Behind the door is content that hasn’t been released yet, perhaps DLC? Whatever it was, it certainly ignited many questions, but for now it remains a mystery.

It’s not entirely clear, but it looks like a lone statue / body lying on a bench, grabbing a glowing object. stone? Cane? What a mystery …

Recently, FromSoftware announced that the Demon’s Souls soundtrack will be released on November 26th. The re-recorded version was made with a 75-piece orchestra and a choir of 40 people.

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