Demon’s Souls immerses players with activities, DualSense features

Mark Cerny recently told The Washington Post about all of the PlayStation. Gavin Moore, the creative director of Bluepoint Games, is also participating. Demon’s Souls.

Cerny talks about the overall design mantra behind the work on the PlayStation 5, how the bi-annual studio visit helped enable the PlayStation 5 design, developer needs, and HDDs. We talked about how the replacement for custom SSDs reduced development on parlor tricks. Learn more about how to get players into the game, such as loading masks. Great reading to help you understand the design philosophy on your PlayStation.

“Most of today’s designs are about data management. Literally — I haven’t created this kind of story — literally, the creative director says I’ll put an entrance to a secret hideaway here. And the lead programmer says, “It doesn’t fit in memory” or “OK, I need a 30-second load screen that kills the momentum of gameplay” or “What do you think?” Would you like to take the long elevator to the hideout? “Mark Cerny says.

On PlayStation 4, I had to chunk the data to disk. This caused the load to grow larger than necessary. With SSDs, it now takes seconds to load large amounts of data.

Gavin Moore is a new Dual Sense supporter, thanks to all the technology built into the new controller. Previously, many games used the rumble feature that rocked the controller. DualSense and tactile sensations are very different in process and sensation.

“In this game, you can feel the arrows passing through your head. It’s pretty disturbing,” says Gavin Moore. Demon’s Soul.. “I’m playing games and sometimes I move my head quickly.”

Game loading time has also been significantly reduced. I remember the PlayStation 3 loading time was long before and from my memory. Currently, everything in the game is intentional and those elevator rides are still there to increase player tension.

Moore also mentions how to “feel metal strike metal” that adds a new layer of immersiveness to the player. “When you make a perfect parry to give a counterattack, you can feel it in your hands. You can feel that the block was right. I went home. I went home. I felt like. I know I did damage to that boss, and I can get out there and come back and wait for their attacks to come, so actually the gameplay Will be better and the game will be a little easier.. ”

And that’s not all you can do at the start of the game next week. Players can use the PlayStation 5 activity UI. This UI is provided to provide tips and tricks to those in need. Moore states that there are over 180 videos to help players overcome particularly difficult sections.


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