Demon’s Souls invaders destroyed by the worst attack of the game

It's not easy, but it certainly makes a statement.

It’s not easy, but it certainly makes a statement.
screenshot: PlayStation Studios / Bluepoint Games / Kotaku

It’s a neat concept, but it’s invaded by other players Demon’s Soul Remakes can be very frustrating. You may feel that you cannot achieve a single hit due to normal online delays.But noteworthy soul Players have recently succeeded in expelling intruders from their world with the worst and most awkward attacks in the game.

Twitch streamer Lobosjr Was in the middle of the bow-only Demon’s Soul Run on the PlayStation 5 when he is invaded by another player trying to ruin his enjoyment. Their fight went beyond being clumsy and entertaining, as most of the game’s online environment, but it’s some that end the fight with a nasty and very weak melee attack on Lobos with a bow. Gave me the opportunity. A few minutes later, one of his attempts finally landed, and he jokingly thanked the “paid actor” before continuing along the way.

The eccentricity of online play betrays the difficulties inherent in this feat.All weapons Demon’s Soul There is what is known as a “push” or “bash” attack. These attacks are performed by tilting the left stick in the direction the character is facing and pulling the right trigger at the same time, usually reserved to break the enemy’s guard, usually outside of player-versus-player matches. It serves almost no purpose.

However, with a bow, push attacks come with a more complex layer.Instead of performing normal motion, the player needs to tilt the control stick Opposition The direction they are facing. Then their character swings a bow behind them. I don’t know what purpose this strange attack serves. I had to go back to the original PlayStation 3 game and double-check if it was my first remake (it wasn’t).

The bow itself may be an incredibly viable way to defeat Demon’s SoulHowever, we do not recommend relying on this strange melee attack during playthrough. Of course, unless you’re trying to style an invader like Lobos.

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