Demon’s Souls Player Discovers PS5 Trophy Video Record Microphone Audio

Defeating enemies in the Souls game is very satisfying, and with the debut of the Demon’s Souls remake as the PlayStation 5 release title, many early adopters have discovered the joy of killing the renowned demon. The PS5 recorded a video when it won the trophy and made a fun discovery when one player defeated Tower Knight. The video can include microphone audio.

Reddit user helloiamjack posted a video of his success in defeating the Demon’s Souls boss on his PS5 subreddit. Interestingly, it contains a voice of his victory celebration. He is the “first” soul player and is naturally excited to defeat huge enemies.

You can watch the video below-turn up the volume for best results.

The PS5 DualSense microphone is on by default in multiplayer, so be sure to turn it off if you don’t want others to hear you.

Demon’s Soul is one of the highlights of the PS5 launch, winning 9/10 in GameSpot reviews. “Bluepoint took in FromSoftware’s original game and expressed it in a richer and more fulfilling way. That made me think it was impossible. I relived my first love with Souls games. It’s an opportunity to do it. ” Critic Tamah Hussein.

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