Demon’s Souls (PS3, 2009) Video Game Music Review

Welcome to Morning Music, KotakuA daily hangout for those who love video games and the cool ass sounds they make. Today, on the eve of the PlayStation 5 remake, we’re back in one of the most influential games of the last decade.

From Software Demon’s Soul (((playlist / Long play / VGMdb) Now a template for many games to follow, including From itself Dark soul series, Bloodborne,and Sekiro.. It was atmospheric, moody, ball-hard, and a property that defined the From game and its imitators for the next decade.And I’m not a big fan of soundtracks, but compared to other broadly related ones soul-Like a genre Demon’s Soulmusics It really shines with the unforgettable theme of that hub area.

FromSoftware / IvanIMG (YouTube)

Frequently composed “Black Maiden” Pop’n music The collaborator Shunsuke Kida is a soft and calm arrangement led by the melody and backing chords of the plucked string instrument. It’s simple, but it sets the stage beautifully.To Demon’s Soul Lore, Nexus is a place to trap the souls of the dead and recruit them on a mission to remove the Boletaria land from its demon invaders.

The music itself is great, but my favorite part is when it stops. “The Maiden’s Black” contains several moments when the instrument is completely cut off. At some point, the melody doesn’t seem to come back at all, making me think about the need for a nexus and the worries of its inhabitants. But as the protagonists come back again and again, their souls are trapped in an endless cycle of death and rebirth, and the track’s core melody counterattacks silence.

I’m glad to be back for another person Morning musicAnd hope that everyone is in control of the turbulent times in which we live. I wrote this before the election, so who knows how you feel when reading this?Let’s chat Demon’s Soul Or whatever the comment, see if we can form a small community in these times of separation and anxiety.

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