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Shortly after developer Bluepoint’s Demon’s Souls remake appeared on the PS5, players discovered a mysterious new addition not found in From Software’s 2009 action RPG. This is a tightly locked door like never before. But now, after some quick collaborative thinking, the puzzles have been solved, the doors have been opened, and the secrets have been revealed.

But first, a brief summary for the latecomers behind. Players have found a mysterious new door to Demon’s Souls in 1-3 of the world. At the top of the stairs hidden behind a fantastic wall, hidden in a pile of trash at the end of an unpretentious corridor.

After some exploratory failures, the community stuck to the theory that the permanently locked door could be related to the newly introduced item Gold Coin in Demon’s Souls PS5. The Shadow of Colossus, a previous remake of developer Bluepoint, also seemed particularly plausible, given that it also contained a secret door that required coins to be stored to unlock.

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By the way, spoilers are free to flow from now on, so those who just jump on the Demon’s Souls PS5 train may want to stop reading now.

After all, the gold coin theory is Almost Correct; in fact, after hours of exploratory research, as discovered by Speedrunner Distortion 2 yesterday, players can only be found by playing in Demon’s Souls’ new mirror-style fracture mode instead. , You need to collect another new coin collector, Ceramic Coins. Complete the game once.

Ceramic coins appear to be near the archstones in fracture mode, but are a rare item due to the global trend of pure white or pure black. However, players who have obtained at least 26 ceramic coins can pass them to Sparkle Crow in the Temple of the Storm. You will then receive Rusty Key and will eventually be able to pass through the mysterious door of Demon’s Souls.

Unlockable penetrator armor snapped by Reddit user psycho_pete.

And what are the rewards for these efforts?Now, like the secret Domin’s sword of Wanda and the Colossus, the treasure waiting for the player behind the door of Demon’s Souls Nifty, Not particularly revelatory. Those who cross the threshold will get Penetrator Armor inspired by the Demon’s Souls boss of the same name. This, in combination with the Penetrator Sword introduced in the original game, completes the overall appearance of the pointed head.

Does this discovery mean that all the secrets of Demon’s Souls PS5 have been revealed? Time and the dedication of the game’s vibrant community speak for themselves.


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