Demon’s Souls soundtrack re-recorded by the Death Stranding sound editor digitally available at the end of November

The Demon’s Souls remake may not appear on the PC for the time being, but at least you can enjoy the soundtrack. Music re-recorded from games like the original Souls will be available digitally at the end of November.

Less than two weeks after its release, Sony has released behind-the-scenes details of an improved soundtrack for RPG games. In the video feature, you’ll see a 75-piece orchestra, a choir of 40, and many vocal and instrumental soloists recording in London to bring Shunsuke Kida’s unforgettable melody to life. Music editor and composer Bill Hemstapat, who worked on Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding, directed the new arrangement.

The music was recorded at the AIR studio in London using the pipe organ of the Temple Church in London. On the PlayStation Blog (Cheers, Game Music News), Gavin Moore, creative director of SIE Worldwide Studios, talked about some of the reasons why Demon’s Souls soundscapes are so special. “Music is used sparingly, and the lack of music creates fear in you, and loneliness and hopelessness creep in,” he writes. “But the void left by the music is filled with the sounds that surround you and surround you.”

The Demon’s Souls soundtrack will be available digitally on November 26, and Gaming Music News states that physical versions of the CD and vinyl will come afterwards, revealing the artwork for the vinyl cover.

The short features of recording are:

As mentioned earlier, the Demon’s Souls remake is currently exclusively for PlayStation. The first announcement said there would be a PC release withdrawn by Sony, but we have hope. After Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn hit strong numbers, Sony was enthusiastic about PC ports, so let’s see what happens. At least there is music and Lego Dark Souls.

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