Demon’s Souls was full of rubber ducks during development

The illustration in the article titled iDemon's Souls / i was full of rubber ducks during development

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Like the original on the PlayStation 3, Demon’s Soul Remake on PlayStation 5 is a moody and atmospheric game with little brightness or joy. But that wasn’t always the case.

Bluepoint Games staff frequently use rubber duck models, Demon’s Soul According to technical artist Colin Harris, the engine is under development.

“We used rubber ducks to test different techniques and effects,” Harris said. I wrote on twitter yesterday Along with a video showing some of the toy animals scattered in the test environment, before the giant duck’s head peeks into the fog in the background. “Obviously, things quickly got out of hand.”

Talk to GamesRadar, Harris said there were a lot of rubber ducks Demon’s Soul Instead of accidentally leaving the model behind so that the player can find it, he chose the “core option” to permanently remove the model from the game.

“I can assure you that I have personally deleted all instances of duck-based placeholder content,” Harris said. Add to Twitter..

That doesn’t mean that there are still some remaining stupidity lurking in the shadows.Attentive player noticed Goat head with some bulbous eyes Hidden in Demon’s Soul Credit, perhaps as a tribute to Similar easter eggs With a remake of Blue Point Wanda and the Colossus... I think Rubber Duck was a gag that was too obvious to keep in the game, but at least the developers got a kick from it.

“It was fun while it lasted, and will live forever as one of the memories of my favorite game developer,” Harris said. GamesRadar..

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