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Canadian tennis star Denis Shapovalov has revealed that he is not happy with both ATP and Wimbledon. Because he thinks the players are feeling the result of their decision. Last month Wimbledon imposed a player ban on Russian and Belarusian players.

On Friday, the ATP announced the removal of ranking points from Wimbledon in 2022. Shapovalov, who made it to the semi-finals at Wimbledon last year, will lose a considerable amount of points. Shapovalov believes that the decision is undoubtedly unfair to the player and that he and others will feel the consequences of recent developments.

Shapovalov: I don’t agree with either side

“That is, I disagree. First, if there is professional competition, I think everyone should compete. I have a complete understanding of politics and their situation,” Shapovalov said. .. Luca Fiorino.

“But if you have a tennis tournament that should have the best athletes in the world, it doesn’t matter where you come from. So everyone should compete. I don’t agree. I’ll get all the points at ATP.

The most influential people are those in the top rankings. Obviously, Novak, I, Fubi, Berrettini, who haven’t played here, we’re going to drop a lot. So it’s difficult. Yeah, it’s difficult. I think they might have done it another way, maybe keeping 50 percent or some sort of fairness as they had in the past.

But even a guy like Fuxovich will drop out of the top 100. ”

After Wimbledon announced a ban on Russian and Belarusian players, ATP revealed that they did not support their decision.

A month later, ATP imposed strict sanctions on Wimbledon. There is now growing fear that top players may decide to skip Wimbledon.

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Denis Shapovalov resounds at Wimbledon, ATP Denis Shapovalov resounds at Wimbledon, ATP

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