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It’s been five days since Trinity Rodman became The youngest player in history to be drafted Participating in the National Women’s Soccer League, the 18-year-old is busy cleaning up a college dormitory room at Washington State University in Pullman.

An avid painter in his spare time, her artwork still hangs on the wall behind her, and her mother, Michelle Moyer, flies in and out of sight, picking things up. It all feels strangely normal after the announcement of the whirlwind that she participated in the draft on January 13th and was ranked second overall.

This is the prolific nature of her father’s NBA career, and the news that “Dennis Rodman’s daughter” participated in the 2021 NWSL draft was wildfired throughout social media. Much of Trinity’s own story was overlooked, as even the least attentive sports enthusiasts noticed, and as a result, people remembered Elder Rodman’s disgust on and off the court.

She understands hype and says there are similarities in the way they approach sports-their competitiveness, aggression, and drive are the features she chose-he’s also her dad. When ESPN aired the series “The Last Dance,” which focused on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls’ 1997-98 season (the last year with Dennis Rodman’s Bulls), Trinity did much of it as she stayed asleep. Say I didn’t see it.

Trinity Rodman made history and was named second in the NWSL draft

“I don’t think it’s understandable that there are well-known people watching them on TV and talking to many people successfully,” she told ESPN about her father, a five-time NBA champion. I am. “Obviously, I think he’s a really good athlete and has inspired a lot of people. He was a great player on the court. And I can talk to a lot of people and maybe It’s great that not many people expect it. “

However, on February 1, Trinity Rodman hopes to join the Washington Spirit preseason camp and begin a new legacy of Rodman’s name in professional sports.

“I think the hardest thing is to be constantly compared and expected to be this legend like him,” Rodman says. “Going forward, it’s nice not to pull them apart, he was a successful NBA player, but I’ll be a successful NWSL player.”

Trinity Rodman’s love for football began when she was four years old. She devoted herself to all possible sports. She has always returned to football, even in tackle football, where her brother DJ begged her to play.

“Honestly, I realized that I’ve been using it for a while since I was really young, because if my team didn’t actually try it, for example, someone who didn’t try it. For example, if I was alone, I would be very frustrated, and I would be like “C’mon, c’mon, c’mon”, “she says.

“Even when I was seven, I would be frustrated [people not trying].. “

Due to Rodman’s early adherence to football, she joined the blues in Southern California, where she met coach Gregg Baker. He was a man, Rodman says. She can go with problems in her game and will give her true and sometimes hard-to-hear advice on how she can fix it. Over the last eight years, the two have built a strong relationship. Rodman says she wouldn’t be a player today without him.

“I think the big thing for me was to take his criticism, not personally,” she says. “Think he’s trying to make us better. He really helped me to be the player I am.”

Baker told ESPN early on that Rodman was a shy and respectful kid and had a hard shell. From conversations with her mother and interaction with Trinity herself, Baker said she knew she had to work to earn her trust. As the relationship between their players and coaches grew, so did her confidence. Soon he saw her creativity (a word often used when talking to people about Rodman) on the pitch. He knew she needed to be challenged in order for her to reach her full potential.

“She is a great athlete. Menstruation,” says Baker. “If you want to shoot a hoop with her, or if you want to play tennis with her, she can do all this very quickly and easily.

“That type of player has to be challenged in a very different way than all other players. That’s where our ties have strengthened. It’s technical and no one else knows. And because it gives her some different things. She: “Hey, this, this, and I need to do this today.” What we were working on was too easy for her. Because I knew it. “

She has never been a side captain, but Baker says Rodman was a model player. She knew when to knuckle down and work, but she also valued having a good time with the people around her.

“I have a lot of power to make things fun,” Rodman says. “I wish you could make things fun, and you could train, work hard, and push yourself. [to have] Fun, you’ll never get tired of it. If you think too seriously and push too hard, you will be able to overcome it quickly. “

In Baker’s view, Rodman is a “complete package.” He casually mentions her name alongside something like America’s great and two-time World Cup winner Mia Hamm, but with one criticism, Trinity is a little more in her game. He says he wants to be selfish. I wanted her “

In the eight years Rodman played for Baker and Blues, she won four national championships, two regional crowns, two state titles, five elite club national league conference championships, and four surfcup titles. .. Nationwide-and over 30 tournaments have won alongside her fast-growing national team career under the age of 20.



Trinity Rodman tells Sebastian Salazar what he expects from his first season in the Washington Spirit.

Washington coach Todd Schlenberger was similarly impressed. The coronavirus pandemic meant Rodman had never played a game on the college side as Rodman canceled the 2020 season, but through recruitment and training, Schlenberger saw her potential. I enjoyed the front row seats. One of his first interactions with the Trinity was when she was asked to try Side, shortly after reaching the last four of the NCAA Women’s College Cup. As part of the trial, he had her perform a beep test (a multi-stage fitness test designed to increase shuttle runs and measure a player’s fitness limits) against the rest of the team, and she was overwhelmingly top. I stood. Baker says he could have done better that day.

“One day she took care of the beep test for everyone here,” says Shulenberger. “So it’s pretty impressive because 17 years old, 18 years old, and the whole team was playing at a high level. She has a spirit of” winning every time. ” Very competitive.

“She is a great person and that leads to the field. She has a great athletic frame and participates in the game at a high level on the U-20. [USWNT] Group, very tactically, she understands [the game].. She has as fast a speed as I’ve seen. She likes to attack players. “

The cancellation of the 2020 Pac-12 season was a big disappointment for Rodman, but without it she probably wouldn’t have decided to become a pro. She was sitting at home and wanted to start playing again. Baker explains that Rodman has “a sparkle in her eyes” about becoming a pro, and what she wants is a conversation between her mother and brother, two of her most trusted best friends. I just solidified.

“they [her mom and brother] Knowing my heart, my drive was going through the roof, “she says.

“I was like, the sooner I reached a higher level, the better. I think I started sending young players. [pro] It’s great to be quick, as it gives young players the opportunity to learn. “

Despite the hype that followed her, Rodman has a basis for her career. When asked if she likes goals or assists, she chooses the latter and laughs. I know it’s a surprising choice for an attacker, but I think it’s an asset to my game. When she joins the Pro Rank, she realizes that she’s not just waltzing new teams.

“I definitely expect a completely different level. I really understand my first practice, especially the first game I stepped into,” she says.

“My goal is to grow everything as an individual, as a player, as a teammate, as a colleague. My biggest goal this time is to grow as a player and adapt to the people I play with. And just take it. Take my football playing style to the next level. “

When talking about her own style of play, she won the World Cup twice and Manchester United forward Christen Press says she’s a respected player. Press decision making and the ability to enter the box at the right time to score goals are two skills she wants to develop.

“I respect a lot of people at the USWNT, but I think one of the players I had or just admired was Christen Press,” she adds.

“We think we’re a bit similar in that she feels like she’s scoring a goal and making a lot of decisions about getting into the box at the very end. It’s a ton. I think what you can do to win is great. Goal-Slow and fast in your many runs.

“It’s insane if you can make a momentary decision in an 18-yard box, or even a 6-yard box. Just looking up at a player who can think very fast, all the thoughts are on the ball. When their minds are crazy, I can’t wait to reach that point. “

When she was drafted, Rodman was soon wrapped in a mother in a “Team Trin” (patent pending) hat, regularly calling her brother her best friend on social media. To this, we’ll add a number of coaches, from U-20 coaches Laura Harvey to Baker, who openly say she deserves great things. It’s not hard to understand why she felt it was another logical step in her path to joining the NWSL. At such a young age.

USWNT’s senior caps and Olympic medals are on her to-do list, but for now she’s focused on adapting to new realities and writing her own history.

“I never say I’m proud of myself-I’m more criticizing myself-but when my name was called, I said,” Wow, I do it here. I made it. ” I’m really proud of myself and I’m proud of where I’m coming and where I’m going. “

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Dennis Rodman’s daughter, Trinity Rodman, is ready to give her name in professional football Dennis Rodman’s daughter, Trinity Rodman, is ready to give her name in professional football

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