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It would be correct for Denver Broncos to keep Vic Fangio as head coach.

The team has endured a lot of sales since Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl 50. This includes head coach spots. Denver commanded Gary Kubiak to win the Super Bowl. Since then, they have Vance Joseph and now Vic Fangio.

It’s not many names, but the team has six head coaches since the dismissal of head coach Mike Shanahan for many years.

It’s time to keep your coach long. The team seems to be giving Fangio at least another year to begin his term as head coach, despite losing for two consecutive seasons.

By Adam Chefter, And for many other weeks, Broncos plans to maintain Fangio in 2021.

This is the correct move for several reasons.

1. When I restart with the head coach, the team goes nowhere.

Indeed, there were some suspicious things that happened in Broncos this season. But is the head coach really a problem?

It’s a young team that needs to stick as many pieces as possible. Disbanding the band ruins all kinds of chemistry and rhythms they do.

2. Injury is a big problem.

It’s hard to buy an excuse that “the injury ruined the team.” That’s just a fact.

There are many players on this team who will return to backup in 2021. This includes those who started with the tackle on the right and those who are outside the linebacker on the left. (Von Miller’s injury), Some cornerback spots (AJ Bouye suspension, Bryce Callahan, Kevin River, Essan Bassie injured), Wide receiver (Courtland Sutton, ACL Tier), Tight end (Jakebat, Albert Okwebnum), Defense line ( Mike Purcell, Jurrell Casey, and Shelby Harris for a few weeks (COVID).

It’s important to see what this team will look like as a complete unit. Well, it’s as full as possible in a given time. Hopefully you can see such a thing at least early in the 2021 season.

But the point of this is that the injury is Absent Because of the head coach.

3. This team is not too far away.

Indeed, the Chiefs dominate the AFC West area. They will probably do so for years.

But that doesn’t mean that Broncos can’t sneak into the playoffs at some point with Fangio.

The league will change the playoff format this season to allow the seventh team in each meeting to infiltrate the playoffs as a wild card team.

That means Broncos has a better shot. To do so, you need to have a better record than other potential playoff teams or have a tiebreaker between other potential wildcard teams.

Another possibility is that the league is considering Added 17th game to regular season schedule It will start in 2021. This gives Fangio another opportunity to prove himself. If that really wants to call his situation at this point.

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Denver Broncos holding Vic Fangio after 2020 will be the right move Denver Broncos holding Vic Fangio after 2020 will be the right move

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