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In 1972, the unrivaled Brian Clough led the fashionable Derby County to the title of Part 1 ahead of Don Levy’s feared Leeds and Bill Shankly’s legendary Liverpool.

Three years later, 1972 Derby skipper Dave McKay repeated this trick as a manager … To the general surprise of the football elite and establishment.

During this period, Derby County was home to some great players such as Colin Todd, Kevin Hector, Franny Lee, David Nish, Archie Gemmill and Charlie George.

During the Newcastle v Leeds match last night, there was the latest news from the championship that derby county creditors unanimously decided to take control of the club.

Derby County was the last to appear in the English Premier League in the 2007/08 season. Ironically, they won only one match against Newcastle throughout the season, thanks to Kenny Miller’s goal. ).

Since then, there have been some rises (Frank Lampard), but they were generally in a downward spiral. Whenever the club seemed to be on the verge of salvation, hijacking ran into problems, frustration, and eventually collapsed.

Does this remind us that larger clubs that haven’t won the top tier title for 94 years don’t care about 46?

Over the past few weeks, Newcastle United kittens have been informed that they have no money left to strengthen their first team pool. It’s clear that our team isn’t well suited to the rigors of the EPL’s full season, but a so-called expert analysis defending Steve Bruce and trying to sue dissatisfied supporters. I had to listen to it regularly.

Therefore, I ask this question.

Does anyone reading this really believe that other managers who valued his principles and integrity figuratively restrain his ankles and put his torso in a straitjacket to continue his work? ?? As you can see, Steve Bruce cannot escape (and will get worse) the criticism and abuse that deserves to continue to lead Ashley’s party line.

Personally, I think I don’t just think about it, but actually know that Bruce doesn’t have a sense of intimacy or affection for Newcastle United. Based on this, the only conclusion I can draw is that he is willing to send himself and his family to the factory. Everything is for pure desire.

Throughout his career he has always put himself first, but this time I think Steve Bruce Being a patriot to a miserable regime requires careful weighing of the magnitude of the hostility he has escorted himself to.

Newcastle United has finally become the Last Chance Saloon Acquisition The club is on the verge of collapse. Some might argue that it’s hardly worth worrying about because we’re not going to compete anyway. Mike Ashley I started strangling Newcastle United 14 years ago. After all EPL payments (mainly aimed at strengthening and maintaining the club), he will eventually call it a day and there is no doubt that the chips will be fully monetized.

People say Ashley prevented Newcastle from playing Leeds and Portsmouth. They were a completely different set of situations. Our predicament is due to the mean and deliberate negligence of owners who despise and care about us.

What happened at Brian Clough Way in Derby last night may soon come to Leeds Terrace, Barrack Road and Strawberry Place.

These things don’t just happen overnight, fans in Derby County will confirm it. They occur over a period of time. Club fans who have faced a potentially apocalyptic situation should ask themselves. Did I do enough when I had the opportunity to help prevent it?

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Derby County-Next may be Newcastle United … Derby County-Next may be Newcastle United …

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