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First released in 2009, Demon’s Souls has become an action RPG that defines the beloved genre for the PlayStation 3. The game’s unique gameplay system, dire but rewarding difficulty, and building an unforgettable world have made it popular with fans and critics. Many of the innovations can still be felt in games today.

Starting November 12th, a completely rebuilt Demon’s Souls will be available on PlayStation 5. If you’ve never endured the Valley of Defilement, haven’t faced the intimidating Penetrate Boss, or haven’t rolled back credits in this truly heart-wrenching story, simply say. Hospitality.

And to show that I’m even more excited we About the game. Ready to share a special episode of State of Play … now! Dive into the game world narrated by Gavin Moore, creative director of SIE Worldwide Studios, for 12 minutes.

For this tour, we are particular about the offline experience. When the game launches, you’ll find an asynchronous and synchronous multiplayer feature * that Demon’s Souls loves so much among fans.

Need more lasting until launch? The must-read list is:

* Online multiplayer requires internet connection and PlayStation Plus membership (sold separately).

State of Play: Descend into the world of Demon’s Souls

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