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Kylian Mbappe I don’t do many interviews, but when he does, he is very often honest.When doing so He was asked by the French newspaper L’Équipe His answer was to explain the current mood in the French national camp.

“Dynamics are not very positive.”

Frankly, he could easily say “negative”, but he didn’t feel like going that far. Not very positive. It’s less positive than before and after the 2018 World Cup and less positive than before Euro 2020. In fact, it’s less positive than any other time since the summer of 2012 and the beginning of the Didier Deschamps era.

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inevitably, France The head coach is at the heart of everything-good and bad moments, achievements and failures.Win with Russia 2018 was very expensive for the country.Lose to Switzerland In the penalty shootout Euro 2020, it is very low after leading 3-1 in the 81st minute. Now he has a great opportunity to get the team back on the right track 14 months before the 2022 World Cup begins. Qatar.. He can’t afford to waste it.

Initially, Belgium Thursday-yet Ranked number one in the world By FIFA-and if they get good results, clash with Spain Also Italy On Sunday, they will compete for their second title in the UEFA Nations League. This is the moment when Deschamps has to make the right phone calls, take the right choices, inform players and find out why they made them world champions again.

Before the World Cup qualifiers win Finland Last month (2-0), les Bleus He has drawn the last five games in all tournaments. Deschamps made many mistakes in his run, and in private the pressure weighed on him. Some thought he would leave after a humiliating defeat against Switzerland. He stayed because he was a fighter and not a resigner, but things are still tough. He used to find answers to French problems and even anticipate them. not anymore.

In many of the discussions he made Paul PogbaThe tactics that are now his main voice and advocated within the team were at the heart of all that. Does France need to play back 4? Back three? Two or three in the central midfield?What he should do Antoine Griezmann / Karim Benzema / Mbappe Front Three? In short, he didn’t have too many questions and enough answers. More importantly, when he won, Deschamps rarely consulted with the player so much, nor did he discuss many important points.

Nine years after taking command of this team, Deschamps subtly changed the way he worked. In the euro, for example, he was less strict with the players than in 2018. He let go of more and took a step back-perhaps simply because he thought his subordinates could manage himself. That was a mistake. Despite the wealth of talent in the French team, they still need Deschamps to be practical.

This change in approach formed part of a discussion with French FA President Noel Le Graet. They met after the euro, talked about their disappointing performance and understood what had happened. Deschamps could and should have done more. Now he can take the initiative again.

Mbappe re-expressed it in his interview with Requip.

“We need to find new collective impetus, but we’re not that good, so we’ll also improve performance … seeing what we have to do at the World Cup, we have to do it in the euro. Didn’t … we were more vulnerable. Previously we had to get up early to score a goal against us. Now we give up our goal …

I need a big victory. Winning the Nations League in Belgium, Spain, and Italy in that order will create this positive momentum and make a statement. “

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The statement is exactly what Deschamps needs, but not for the country and the rest of the football world. He needs it for himself and to show his player that he can win again. I have a question now. The euro was very bad for France at so many levels, and what followed when the World Cup qualifiers resumed-1-1 against Bosnia, Ukraine In September-I was poor. Playing against old rival Belgium in Turin on Thursday is a great opportunity to get things right.

When Deschamps welcomed the players at Claire Fontaine’s team facility on Monday morning, that was his message all day long and through a one-on-one conversation with the leader of his team. “We can come back. You can put a marker in front of the World Cup.”

To the insider, Deschamps seems more prepared and determined than ever before. He prepared with great care for this match against Roberto Martinez. He was previously under pressure at the club level but failed in Monaco. Juventus When MarseilleHowever, this is a new area for him with the national team. This is a way to tell who is great and who is not. The ability to bring players together and provide them with the tools to bounce back and be great again belongs to the top managers. The ball is currently in Deschamps’ camp.

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Deschamps, World Cup organizer France needs to rediscover the best shape using the Nations League Deschamps, World Cup organizer France needs to rediscover the best shape using the Nations League

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