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Describes Twitter’s new photo and video policy

In response to “growing concerns” about how media is shared on Twitter, the company Said Tuesday it was expanding privacy Protection to include images and videos of people posted without consent. This means that Twitter will consider removing media that feature individuals defined as people who do not have a significant public identity or role. Users who post such content ImpactIncludes that you need to hide or limit the tweet in question or delete it before you can tweet it again.Changed, Twitter explained in blog Admit that you don’t have to explicitly abuse the image to cause pain when it’s posted and shared on that platform.

“Sharing personal media such as images and videos can invade personal privacy and lead to emotional or physical harm,” the Twitter Safety team wrote. .. blog.. “Misuse of private media can affect everyone, but it can have a disproportionate impact on women, activists, opponents, and members of the minority community.”

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With policy updates that are already in effect, people will be able to: report The media, like any other tweet that violates, was shared on the platform without consent Twitter rules.. This claim is then reviewed by a Twitter employee who decides whether to remove the media from the site and prescribes the results to the account owner who tweeted it.

Twitter’s privacy policy does not allow “mediating personal media without the permission of the person depicted”, but there are some caveats to that rule. For example, blogs point out situations where personal portraits may be shared because of attending a newsworthy event. In such cases, Twitter states that it will take into account the context and availability of the media in other sources (such as TV news) when deciding whether to remove the media. For public figures such as celebrities and politicians, policy unless private nude images are included or the purpose of the media is to “use harassment, intimidation, or fear to silence them.” Does not apply.

This movement is one of a series of movements measures Twitter this year to deal with fraud and misinformation on the platform, meeting And outside experts role Perpetuating harm online.It’s also coming after news of a major change in Twitter’s leadership with co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey. share On Monday, he resigns and former Twitter Chief Technology Officer Parag Agrawal will become CEO.

In a wide interview with MIT Tech Review Last year, Agrawal hinted at platform priorities. This includes “Healthy conversation.. According to Agrawal, this includes “trying to avoid certain harms that misleading information can cause.” When asked how to balance freedom of speech with the need for moderation, Agrawal said Twitter’s role was “not tied to the first fix,” but “building the site in a leading way.” That’s it. “[s] For healthier public conversations. ”

Describes Twitter’s new photo and video policy Describes Twitter’s new photo and video policy

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