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Description: Here’s how investors go beyond investing to add value to startups:

Investing is the blood of every startup and is invaluable to the smooth running of a startup. Beyond the first idea, startups often fail to scale because promoters lack funding, strategies, or ideas. The need for time is the availability of a platform that not only connects investors and entrepreneurs, but also realizes the “Make in India” vision. Kuberans House CEO and co-founder Sanjeev K Krishnamoorthy explains how investors go beyond investing to add value to startups.

Sanjeev K Krishnamoorthy said: “India’s two- and three-tier cities have generated a number of innovative startup ideas that need the support of such platforms to procure, rationalize and showcase these ideas. Kind initiative Potentially creates opportunities and provides entrepreneurial ventures with the appropriate exposure and visibility. “

Financial assistance and funding

Investors bring immense value to startups by providing capital and financial support, as well as access to strategic planning, deep mentorship and a long-term vision. The first few years are critical to the growth of start-ups, with experienced investors having empirical knowledge of the domain and providing deep insight and mentorship about the industry. They tend to face problems during their tenure as entrepreneurs, and this knowledge is essential to the success of a startup.

Decision-making and on-hand experience

Investors can play a role in decision making and help them reach the market and achieve profitable operating ratios. Customer satisfaction, cost-effectiveness, and relevance are often lost in the hassle of scaling up. Experienced industry veterans can use market expertise to bridge skill gaps. We are also in a position to provide third-party assessments to help critically consider planning, operations and outcomes.

Networking is the creation of vast and valuable connections to potential customers or competent employee banks. For startups, having access to the right people to scale is a big advantage. Skills are an important part of a successful venture, and investors can be a bridge to bring talent to relatively unknown startups.

Tier 2/3 cities often face greater challenges as entrepreneurs restrict access to investors and talent. Liaison third parties act as mediators for opportunities and are extremely helpful to entrepreneurs to access funds and, as a result, scale. Investor interest also involves the guidance, care and incubation of viable entrepreneurial ventures to help them increase profitability and grow exponentially.

Visibility and reliability

Startups gain credibility and visibility through relationships with industry diplomatic leaders and hardliners. Media attention and access to established domain consultants extend reach and increase overall value. The value that investors bring to the table is just as important as Mura, who puts them into the business and increases the potential for success and scale.

Description: Here's how investors go beyond investing to add value to startups: Description: Here's how investors go beyond investing to add value to startups:

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