Description of Hades God Mode and Hell Mode

If you’ve always sunk into Hades, the epic roguelike game of super giant games (and our favorite game of 2020), you now know it’s a pretty challenging game. Let’s do it. However, one size is not enough for all, and Supergiant can make the game easier or more difficult with God mode and hell mode settings.Read us and learn everything you need to know Hades God Mode and Hell Mode Guide Less than.

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What is Hades God Mode?

Hades God Mode is a setting that you can turn on if you are struggling with a game challenge or want to spend an easier time for some other reason.

When God mode is turned on, Permanent 20% damage reduction Buff, and every time you enable God mode and die, that buff 2% increase..Therefore, each time you die, the next run and the next run will take less damage to the buff. 80% is the maximum Damage reduction after 30 deaths.

How to turn on god mode

Open the menu[設定]You can turn on God mode at any time by going to. Check the check box next to God mode to strengthen yourself. You can turn off God mode at any time, even when it’s running. Please note that this does not reset the God Mode bonus you have earned. So if you reach 80% damage reduction, turning off God mode and then turning it back on will stay at 80% instead of returning to 20%.

What is Hades Hell Mode?

God mode is meant to make the game easier, but Hell mode is a great way to make Hades more challenging for veteran players and those who find the game too easy.

If you’ve already won the game once, know about punishment agreements that can be difficult in exchange for a rare resource drop after defeating each boss by customizing various aspects of the next run. There will be. In hell mode, a punishment agreement is given from the beginning of the save file, and five agreement conditions are required for each execution.

  • Hard labor 1 (Inflicts + 20% damage on enemies for each rank)
  • Permanent result 1 (For each rank, the effect of the HP recovery source is reduced by 25%)
  • Jury Summon 1 (For each rank, face + 20% additional enemies in standard encounters)
  • Gymnastics program 1 (Enemy is given + 15% HP for each rank)
  • Personal responsibility (Removes Zagreus’s ability to temporarily become impermeable after taking a lot of damage in a short amount of time).

Its final condition is specific to hell mode and will not appear in saved files that do not have hell mode enabled. Also note that other conditions are given 1 rank as mandatory. Players are free to add and remove subsequent ranks to these and other conditions as usual.

So, in essence, hell mode makes your enemies stronger, healthier, and more abundant. Healing items are weak; and Zagreus is less impervious to high damage situations.

How to turn on hell mode

Unlike God mode, Hades’ hell mode cannot be enabled or disabled at any time. Instead, it’s the choice you need to make when starting a new save file. When you select a new storage slot, you’ll see a box below the slot with the words “Hell Mode” next to it. Select this check box and then select the save slot again to enable hell mode and start a new journey. Make sure this is what you need, as you cannot change it later.

A screenshot of the Hades storage slot with the hell mode option highlighted.

And that’s all you need to know about both Hades God mode and Hell mode. While you are here, you may be interested in our Hades Boon and Hades Weapon Guide.

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Hades God Mode and Hell Mode: how to make the game easier or harder

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